Dealing with my CDs

I gave up on jewel boxes probably four moves ago since I never trusted the movers not to steal/lose my CD collection. I’m finally in the end stage with putting the tabs in all my CD sleeves. Maybe the problem is I just have too many CDs?




A worthy project, especially with baseball on in the background. I need to do the same.

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I ripped all of my cds and play them from my NAS. So I store the cds in sleeves in these file box things I got off Amazon. I only need to find the cds if I need to rerip. My cds fit into 2 of these boxes. Looks similar to what you’ve done. I really like how compact my collection is. I never looked at liner notes anyway.

Great topic, post the products that work.

Whenever I move there are certain things I pack and move myself, like my stereo, CD collection, computer, and unreplaceable family heirlooms.
Probably a few other items as well that are fragile and expensive, that I don’t trust with movers who are working as quickly as possible to complete the job.

Packing and moving CDs is a pain, but nowhere near as bad as LPs.

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I switched cases for sleeves a decade ago but can’t recall where I sourced the sleeves. Where did you get yours?

The Container Store.

Finished the whole lot today. Finally.


That’s a cool idea. I still use jewel cases, but they do take up space.

Thanks for the compliment!!

The thing with jewel cases was that they were so brittle that they broke very easily during my moves, no matter how delicate I was with them. And the move to digipacks and cardboard etc these last few years drove me to want to standardize on something.

Although that creates an additional storage burden…

I got these socks a few years back and they work really well. I didn’t have tabs in the top section until now. They were designed for the booklets and paper from jewel cases.

Add in these really rugged boxes that are made in Europe and that the Container Store no longer sells, grumble, grumble, and I’ve got a great solution as long as I don’t buy another several hundred CDs. I can’t imagine I will.

Mike in Dayton

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About how many CDs fit in each box?


Anyone who keeps Goo Gone on hand is a person of character.


I’ve got roughly 200 sleeves in each box and that’s without really packing them in so that I can flip through them easily. I am pretty sure I could probably squeeze another 50 in if I pushed it. And considering 2-disc sets and stuff, probably around 300 per box. But again, you can’t get these boxes anymore, at least that I’ve been able to find.

So yeah. I’ve got too many CDs.

Mike in Dayton

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Hi, i sleeved all but a few cd’s 4 or 5 years ago, then boxed them away in a cubbyhole, it took what seemed an age to do having according to my Melco 3982 cd’s (this doesn’t account for double, triple or boxed sets, with up to 6 discs in some cases). I do still buy cd’s regularly, i’ll let them build up then when there’s a good stack i’ll spend a wet day ripping them. I will never sell my cd collection, as i did my vinyl disc’s (most regrettable).
There is something about having the hard copy for another form of backup, who knows what in say 20 years when these streaming services disappear along with your paid for collection some never to be replaced.
I still have my Sony 337esd, A Meridian 200t/ 203, A Meridian G08:2 cd players, along with a PS Audio PWT transport (currently looking for a quality used PSA direct stream dac)
So for me cd’s are staying around although hidden away in storage boxes


Here’s what I use.
Storage Box:

These are cardboard and the corners snap together. This is NOT terribly strong, but they work if you just leave them on a shelf, like I do.


These are excellent! I put two CDs in each one: one in the front and one in the back. It’s very economical that way and the storage is very compact.

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Those boxes look great. Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for adding to the thread. More ideas are the best.

These storage bins by mDesign hold about 100 of the discsox CDPro sleeves each and come in black, clear or smoke gray. I added 1" stick on felt feet so they slide without scratching my wood shelving.

Goo Gone, Simple Green, and Magic Erasers are the holy trinity of useful products that if tomorrow they said “these cause cancer”, I’d have to give serious consideration as to whether I’d stop using them.

Add also Sea Foam and Simple Orange cleaners. Small companies that make magic stuff.


These are the type I have. Significantly reduces collection size. I wish I could remember where I got them!:roll_eyes:

Has plenty of room for booklets etc.

edit: I think it was from
Space Saving CD Sleeves by JAZZLOFT.COM - YouTube

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I have those tall Ikea cases. I only have 300+ discs.

The MFSL SACDs are a PITA (cloth protection, and inside of a cardboard sleeve).

For larger collections and for those with some space, CanAm makes very nice media cabinets. I don’t think they’re the best looking but for me they’re the best system I’ve come across. They make them in 2,3 and now 4 drawer units. Each drawer holds 270 CD’s in jewel cases.

Too incorporate them in to my space and to conceal the less than stellar appearance, I had a cabinet maker build me custom enclosures.
I have 16 drawers total.
Finished project.