Outputs on BHK monos

Why are there two pairs of outputs ? Would there be any advantage for bi-wire here? Is it for a sub? If so - what does that do to the collective load on the amp if you are driving a 4 ohm speaker? I just saw it and started scratching my head.

True bi-wire or in my case I use the second pair for the speaker level connection to the subs.

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Yes - I do the same with my REL subs…

Yup. One speaker terminal for the Thiel CS3.6 and the other for the REL subwoofers.


That is quite a presentation Leonard!!

My REL subs get the same…

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I use a quad wire setup, two cables from each binding post. Fantastic that the Amps have 2 sets of posts .

Makes sense. I had Martin Logan Odysseys at one point and used to biamp off of a 5 channel amp w them.

So how do the bhk 300s compare to the Mac ? If you could elaborate a bit that would be nice. :slight_smile:

Anyone else compare them to some nice gear?

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Yes… I would like to know as well!

I was using an MC302 amp for a couple years before getting the BHK300s. The Mc sounded really good, until I took it to Upscale audio and compared it to the BHK250. The BHK is far superior in dynamics and depth of soundstage. Also just more like you are there.

That’s fairly impressive. I have heard the 302 on a pair of b&w 802 d3 and a pair of Sonus Faber Strads. I thought it sounded really good as well.

For the speakers we were using, the BHK300’s sounded way more dynamic. In comparison the MC611 monoblocks sounded a bit dull. Could it be the output transformers? I’m not sure.

Here’s a recent loudspeaker we listened to, a freshly unboxed pair of Canton Reference 5K’s. Wow, amazing sound with PS Audio gear! Even with a bunch of speakers nearby, bass was deep, tight and quick. Midrange was lifelike and highs were airy. No glare, no harshness, no fatigue. I supposed the Nordost cables helped, too. We just kept the McIntosh amps switched off.

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Wow! Beautiful as always from you Leonard. I would love to hear this system with the Cantons.

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Thanks for the kind words, @jamesh. Although I cannot claim credit for buying those components. I merely set them up for a good friend. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess we understand why he’s your good friend… :wink:

Actually, he let me unbox and break in his pair of BHK300’s. After hearing them, I made the decision to buy my own. Haha… :smile:

Beautiful write up. One thing I always hear about the bhk - good bass. I have Maggie 20.7s - so this would be an area where I would want to be sure the amps pushed the bass panels

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This is awesome. What a great looking room!

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Thanks. @Paul. Under the BHK300’s are a pair of M700. That’s up next. I want to hear the difference. I just wish the BHK preamp had two pairs of XLR outputs instead of just one, and they were switchable from the remote. Perhaps in a future version of the BHK preamp in the P15 chassis?