Outputs on BHK monos

Why are there two pairs of outputs ? Would there be any advantage for bi-wire here? Is it for a sub? If so - what does that do to the collective load on the amp if you are driving a 4 ohm speaker? I just saw it and started scratching my head.

True bi-wire or in my case I use the second pair for the speaker level connection to the subs.

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Yes - I do the same with my REL subs…

Yup. One speaker terminal for the Thiel CS3.6 and the other for the REL subwoofers.


That is quite a presentation Leonard!!

My REL subs get the same…

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I use a quad wire setup, two cables from each binding post. Fantastic that the Amps have 2 sets of posts .

Makes sense. I had Martin Logan Odysseys at one point and used to biamp off of a 5 channel amp w them.