Over protective of gear


I doubt that there would be any difference in the 2nd hand price for a unit with the plastic in place (never removed from new) and one which was unmarked but still had the plastic in the box.


“Youngest grandkid would just love it at your place, filling the open box with twigs, leaves and caterpillars”… :grin:


That’s what she said…:rofl:


I hope not, but enthusiasts of any stripe are odd when they determine used value.

The plastic is adhered only by contact so one can replace the plastic for shipping. If thoughtful and careful it can probably be replaced so that it looks like it came from the factory.


I took it off of my PWT when I got it, and after putting on the shelf I kind of wished I hadn’t, as you can’t see it.

In 1972 I bought a 1955 Chevy that had plastic covers on the seats. They looked brand new when I removed them. Now if they would have done something similar with the carpets, it would have been mint.
The radio didn’t work, when I pulled it, I found out that besides the head unit it had a separate amplifier behind the speaker, above the glove box. Replaced some of the tubes in both units and I had glorious AM radio.


I can’t see the plastic film from my listening position, so I’ve left it on the DMP and DSD. Figure it could potentially help with resale value down the road. Obviously not a good idea to leave it on the amp.