The warped top plate on DSjr

Due to the high heat when DSjr running, the plastic top plate on mine has begun to warp. And become more and more noticeable in the past 2 weeks.

If I can find one tempered glass of suitable size and shape, can I remove and replace it? Does this process affect the warranty on other parts?

Returns are always too painful for our overseas users, and I prefer to solve simple problems on my own. Or are there other suggestions?

Here are some current status photos:

Maybe they can send you a clean replacement top? I have a AC Infinity T8 component fan on top of mine. PS Audio says the DSJr is OK to run hot, but I like cool equipment better. I have several of these fans, and they have a smart control so the fan runs slow and only speeds up with an increase of heat production.

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Oh my! I’ve had exactly this problem with my dsjr in exactly the same place. I mentioned this to the dealer but I’m in the same boat being overseas. He suggested to leave it switched off when not in use, and that is what I do.

Fwiw, mines peeled off a few inches further, so tou know what you have to look forward to. :slight_smile:

Design wise might, the DSJ might be better off with a solid but vented top panel…

That is quite a warp. I am certain a glass top would be fine, but I would seek to solve the heat issue first.

Something weird going on here. The top plate on DSJ is removable, it’s not glued to anything. 4 long bolts hold it in place. At least, that’s the way mine is built. When I first unpacked it I removed the top plate and put back in the box, using the DSJ without it.

Is it the Bridge II that causes all the heat?

Can it be easily removed?

I don’t see bolts for the top cover on my 2 month old DSJ…

The bolts are underneath the chassis and screw into the underside of the top plate. There is no glue between the top plate and the metal roof of the chassis.

I prefer the usb connection and will one day explore the I2S route.

I remember Ted saying the Bridge II uses a lot of power. Does anyone know if removing the Bridge will substantially reduce the DSJ heat and power consumption?

The excessive heat causes concern, and these warp photos further confirm. If the Bridge II is the culprit, I’d happily remove it.

The SGCD was super cool temperature wise and used almost no power.

The Bridge II installation instructions seem simple enough, thus I assume removal is equally easy.


The DSJ is designed to operate in such a way that you shouldn’t have to remove parts to stop it getting too hot, and you shouldn’t require external cooling fans, especially when it’s surrounded by ample ambient air.

Something is wrong here which should be reported via the PS Audio support channel.

Then can you explain the picture from the OP?

As I said. Weird. And, this is a PS Audio Support issue.

Thx Brodric. I’ll contact PSA later. My unit was returned PSA for the firmware locking issue two months ago. I love everything about it except the state of the top plate.

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I also have firmware locking issue, but I chose to continue using as is. Having removed my top plate before I know how to do it, and there should be no glue there. It comes off cleanly. But mine was out of the first production batch, and yours wasn’t. So, perhaps they changed the design and removed the fasteners. But that wouldn’t make sense because there would be 4 holes in the bottom of the chassis where the bolts are supposed to be, and I couldn’t image such a design change would be made to save the cost by 4 bolts.

A warped top plate would be cause for warranty attention, and I’m 100% sure PS Audio will look after you on that.

The DSJ runs hotter than any piece of equipment I’ve ever owned…Why it needs to run that hot, I don’t know, but the external fan resolves that issue quite well. I can’t hear the fan, and I would hope the reduction in heat would be better on the equipment internal components.

Ted Smith has said the DSJ doesn’t need any active cooling, it has been designed to run as hot as it does without issue. The thermal considerations of these things are all part of the design process. My DSJ doesn’t get hot, certainly not hot enough to warp the top plate. Barely warm to the touch.

I’ve had two DSJs. The first one failed, and was like an oven. I sent it back, and got another one. External Component Fan was installed on the second one, which has worked fine since day one. You don’t have to run a fan, but I choose to since in my experience excess heat can be detrimental. My install is within a cabinet.

My point is, it shouldn’t be getting that hot. Mine doesn’t. Why would some DSJ run excessively hot, and others not? I guess you could ask many similar questions, why some DSJ do things that others don’t.

Tough to say why, but I know Ted has said the DSJs run hot. In my assessment, I would rather sacrifice a touch of performance if keeping the device cool extends equipment life. I’d rather have ambient temperature in my cabinet be 85F, versus 105F.

For sure. No argument about that…