Any way to remove scratches from Directstream's Top?

I notice the top of my Directstream has a number of fine scratches and some other lite marks. Is there an easy way to buff these scratches out? What is the procedure and what do I need.

If this is not easy to do, does anyone know if PS Audio will sell me a replacement polished top?


Howdy Seegs,

I think I recall hearing auto polish wax works, though I can’t say I’ve tried it.

We certainly can sell replacement tops, I think they’re $40 plus shipping. If you want a replacement top, send me an email at and I’ll help you out on Monday.

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I don’t have this problem but you never know. Follow up with product used if you do or don’t have success. Thx tim.

Let the forum search function be your friend. Here:


I gotta say, what a reasonable price! It seems like other places would charge more just because they can

Other places also charge more for replacement remotes, yet here we are only charging $15 and shipping… Once someone becomes a part of the PS family, our hope is to take care of them like family.


Thanks for keeping the pricing reasonable. I feel better to keep my top clean now with out worrying about scratches knowing I can replace them at a decent cost.

They might also offer some upgraded alternatives, like a brushed aluminium hard anodized top plate. Maybe even CNC machine it with the PS logo. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about scratching it.

I love the shiny top but I would pay decent money for something like that. I do admit though my DAC is currently at slightly below eye level and I love to see the shininess, also dig the fact I don’t have to worry about dust getting in, but that would be the same with aluminum

The surface is highly polished paint over MDF. Rubbing compound and car polish products work wonders.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ll try and buff out the scratches with some rubbing compound. If I can’t get rid of them myself, I’ll get in touch with Scott Schroeder to order a new one.

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Some rubbing compounds may completely destroy it. You want a product called “scratch out”. Use a real Chamois to apply and then buff with other side of Chamois. Also Fabulustre cloth works but very hard to find. Mine looks like a mirror with those products.

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