Used P10 or New P12/P15 or just a good UPS for protection

Just spent my last dollars on new amps. Now I’m thinking I need to protect all of this from the power drop outs we get every winter. In the past I solve this with a small UPS. When the things start going off and on, I have enough time to walk over and turn everything off.

I don’t think I’m hunting audio quality increases, although I’d take it if I can get it. More focused on protection of the equipment from these sudden restarts. Also don’t want to degrade what I have, and really sensitive to spending money I don’t have

I’ll have DirectStream->BHK Pre and pair of 300 mono’s, not much else on this circuit

Considering a SurgeX UPS or the like, 2 year old used P10, or a newer P12/P15.

Understood but be careful. The SurgeX in my experience robs the system of color and harmonious. So while I understand you don’t want to improve the sound quality you certainly should think more towards a used P10 since it will not only protect your investment but, like it or not, it’ll also give you better sound. A lot better sound.

Paul, Thanks for the response. Doing harm to the sound is clearly not acceptable.

From what I’m reading you feel the P10 is going to protect the electronics and tubes when these events occur. I assume the P10 will just shut down during brief power outages and the BHK’s will be fine with that. If so, it does sound like that right direction to go. Plus I’ll take the better sound if its offered

All the power issues and value of “upgraded” power cables is a mental black hole for me. Yet, I really respect PS Audio and the products. Perhaps starting with the regenerator and going from there is a start

Exactly. You don’t need all the fancy cables and other confusing items but do ay attention to power quality at a minimum. A P10 will absolutely protect your system and the BHKs were designed on it and benefit greatly. It will just shut off and then restart when it feels everything;’s safe again.

Well went all in and a P15 will be here in about a month. ( dealer didn’t have silver in stock)

Till then starting to scheme on dropping in a 10 gage dedicated line and staring blankly into the black hole of power cords.

Ha!! That’s the way to do it. I have a sneaking suspicion you are going to be very happy with that decision.

I have not had my p10 for so long. I can only recommend it and for young people mean start buying a fat power device from startup and a fat DAC, then run it.

Finally got word that the dealer is ready to send the P15 this direction. Optimistic it is going to be worth the wait. Also loving the difference Snowmass made in to the Directstream

Authorized dealer is a joke, still haven’t received the P15 and when I question the dealer all I get is I’ll have to check on that an then no response at all.

Folks at PS audio have been good about things, I was able to get some assistance on getting the P15 shipped to the dealer and where able to give me some timeframes. No answers what so ever from the dealer.

Only response I got from the dealer that it was received there was hey its here, need you to pay for it. My response, I paid on Sept 17th, here’s my receive from you for full payment.

This is a lot of money and I’ll never do it again. Wife has already declared that right, never happening again.

Since I can’t get any answers , I want tracking a tracking number, it sure looks like I’m never gonna see what I paid for. PS Audio really needs to spend some time rethinking their dealers. The dealers are monumental reflection on them.

This purchase has turned into a huge mistake

In fairness, just got a call back from the dealer, he in fact hasn’t received it yet. Sad that I was told by PS Audio the only one the dealer had on order was shipped to him several weeks ago. He told me he has a call into the factory to find out where it is and promised a call back as soon as he knows.

10 weeks and can’t seem to get a straight answer. Not good

Sounds like you need a better dealer. And dealers that behave like this best not be surprised as their business leaves for direct sales. I say good riddance.

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Hi Doitwithlife, where in the world are you located?

Northern Idaho, not far from Spokane Washington

Wow, I figured you were in a far flung location. I can recommend a good dealer in CA if you wish, great prices and won’t dick you around.

Ok this tears it.

Just called Kevin @ PS Audio cause I haven’t heard anything after they said they would work on this. Last time I was in contact with him about this was in Oct. On Oct 13th I was told the unit was shipping from them.

His response today is “I’m putting him in a difficult situation, putting them in the middle of this”

WTF! I’m the customer, he’s you’re “Authorized Retailer”

So lesson learned. If you deal with their dealer, not some ebay whatever dealer, no support and they will continue with that dealer regardless.

They just don’t care, and good luck with whatever dealer you might choose.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry I am just getting in the loop here. What dealer is this? Can you email me directly?

I will check with Kevin as to what’s going on.

Thanks Paul, I sent you a private email with some details about this situation

Kevin and I just had a nice call, seems that the dealer now says they in fact have the P15 and its ready to ship. Hopefully I’ll get a tracking number later today and my next post will be about how much I like the regenerator in my system


Just wondering… Why didn’t you just buy directly from PSA? You’d have it by now and probably would have gotten a better deal. Also free shipping - no tax.

Don’t want to get into the prices on an open forum. PS Audio is also limited in the products they sell. The purchase I made was for the P15 and a couple of pairs of balanced cables. When selling large items $$$ items like a regenerator a dealer can work deals on things as a package. In my case I got the multiple cables for 1/2 price. That alone was a big savings

Unit arrived in great shape today, thanks to the PS Audio team for their assistance.

Sort of surprised at how dirty my power was, have my own large dedicated transform right in the yard and a newly installed dedicated 20A circuit