Thunder Storm Season


Where I live , every afternoon, for the next week at least, I am experiencing big thunder storms. I always turn off the DS at the back in these conditions but what about the P5? Dose anyone here recommend doing this with the P5?


I would think the P5 would generally protect your connected equipment (although with a big enough surge, who knows) but would itself be vulnerable so unplugging (best) or turning it off at the back would be a good idea during high-risk periods. But I’m no expert.


No piece of equipment will survive anything near a lightning strike. If there is a significant risk of a close strike, unplug everything you would prefer not to replace.

Open switches on the back of a DS, PowerPlant or any other audio product are a trivial impediment to lightning surges. Consider how easily static electricity jumps an open gap.


I have the best surge protection I could get out on the power box plus the P5 has that stuff too. What Elk says is right on, though. I have heard stories of people destroying components even when ‘protected’. Its easy to disconnect the P5 from the wall and everything else is connected to it. That’s what I do from now on in Thunder Storm Season.


When I know thunderstorms are coming through I always try to unplug all my audio and computer gear, right down to the power conditioners for the audio and UPS for the PC.