P10 ...... able to add Bybee iQSE tweak?

New product, Bybee iQSE is getting great reviews.

It’s a passive device measuring 4 * 2 * 1/4 inches and is attached to the underside of a component top cover by self adhesive tape.

Is there enough room within the P10 to accommodate this and is it difficult to remove the P10 lid for installation of the product?

Obviously the P10 is to be disconnected form the mains for this job.

An amusing product.

There is sufficient room inside, although you would need to be thoughtful as to placement.

My understanding is it works best when placed over circuitry.

How is the P10 top removed?

There are 4 hex type screws on each of the corners that hold it in place.

Be sure to let us know how it works out.

Be sure to put a clean, soft cloth down before flipping your P10 over.

I’m genuinely glad to see that the OP has not been greeted with scepticism or scorn. There some forums that I am part of where asking a question about a tweak is instantly jumped on by scoffers and nay-sayers. Good on you guys!

norton said

Be sure to put a clean, soft cloth down before flipping your P10 over.

I presume you mean flipping the P10 top cover over when I remove it?

I’ve no intention of flipping the entire P10 over.

norton said

Be sure to put a clean, soft cloth down before flipping your P10 over.

it’ll be approximately 3 weeks before I get this and yes I’ll post back once I’ve an update.

(Came across this in the Audiogon Synergistic Research Red Fuse, which became the black fuse thread and read other reviews on it).

Creating a new thread on another tweak I’ve tried recently for you guys benefit.

Yeah, don’t flip the P10 over. Not necessary. I think what was meant, though, was once you get the P10 top cover off, then that gets flipped over to place the Bybee thing - and the top cover can easily be scratched. Careful.

Jack’s stuff makes no sense to this engineer but dammit if it doesn’t seem to work. Let us know.

I am skeptical, in the classical sense, but open minded. As Paul notes, Jack Bybee’s products are often effective. They often seem a bit nuts given they are typically passive and in light of the proffered explanations, but given Mr. Bybee’s track record I am intrigued.

Do you plan to install just one, or multiple iQSEs in the P10?

I plan to get two for trialling, one for the P10 and the other for my Chord CD player.

If I like what I hear I may get a few more.

Fun! They are inexpensive enough in audiophile dollars to allow for at least two. I would be tempted to start with two in the P10 given the recommendation to use them in/on the power source. You could easily put a bit of painters tape on them to hold them in place and leave the to off for testing.

I find the recommendation on the Bybee website to use them in the power supply panel to be particularly interesting. He feels they do enough to treat the entire house power supply. Perhaps it would make refrigerated food taste better. :slight_smile: More seriously, it thus makes sense to put them in the P10.

Agreed, it makes sense to put both of them into the P10.

My P10 provides power for my combined music and home cinema system so again it’ll benefit both.

Anyone know what size of hex ‘screwdriver’ I need to loosen the P10 hex screws on the 4 sides?

My trusty Allen Hex set doesn’t have one that fits, might be because I’m in the UK and use metric whereas US uses a different standard?

I’ll need to obtain the correct size to allow me to remove the top to aid the iQSE installation.

After a bit of investigation on the net I see the US use an Imperial standard.

I’ve ordered a 30 piece set that comprises half metric and half Imperial so hoping there’s one that fits the P10.

I’ll pick these up tomorrow.

Hoping to receive the 2 iQSE’s tomorrow as well so hopefully will be able to install them tomorrow.

Installed 2 iQSE's into my P10 today.
My observations :-
The P10 top is a tight fit and very smooth around the edges so nothing to grip.
I had to use a small screwdriver to wedge the top up slightly to remove it, this removed a little bit of paint of the metal surface but an acceptable side effect.
(Perhaps the PS Audio engineers have small carpet sucker type tool to remove the top?)
There was a stiff cable about half way down the left hand side that looked like it reached to the top of the underneath of the P10 lid so I had to position that side iQSE slightly off center, the other one on the right hand side was able to be placed centrally without any problems.
Got the top back on and the screws tightened up.
Replaced all my power cords in and powered up the P10.
A bit worried as only the little blue light in the top left corner was flashing for about a minute, nothing on the screen.
Eventually Initialization came on and it powered up successfully.
(I remembered later I'd loaded up .41 firmware on Friday onto my SD card and the flashing was probably installing the firmware.
Must remember to dis-engage the SD card in it's slot but keep it there, otherwise I'd lose it).
One question, I noticed I hadn't got my power amp plugged into either of the two high current outlets.
My amp has slow release circuitry to allow a long switch on so that there no big draw on the electricity supply.
Once the power amp is operational there's no difference in using either a standard outlet or a high current outlet?
I've yet to actually listen to the system with the iQSE's installed.
Giving the P10 a chance to warm up and I'll get to listen after dinner.
A further update will be added tonight after I get a chance to assess.

Ok, … played a few albums and this is my take …

Have to say up front this is in no way an endorsement for the 1QSE, only my own experience.

Your system will be totally different to mine so what I’ve experienced you may not, in fact in the reviews I’ve seen the ‘tweak’ works better in some components than others.

Saying that, in my current experience, I’ve only added them into the P10, not any of my actual kit so it’s only working on the electricity supply to my kit.

Albums used so far are :

Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams

Hippo Campus - Landmark

Beatles - Sgt Peppers, 50th Anniversary Edition

The National - High Violet

Kevin Drew (Broken social Scene ) - Spirit If

Sounded a bit more discordant than I’m used when I first switched on. Don’t know if this a one off due to the system change or to expect it every time, time will tell.

System settled down after the first cd and was sounding like I remember it.

(Bit of change in the system as the Stillpoints were removed from the pre-amp to go under the projector, (long story), so not quite as I remember it.)

But sounding as good as with the Stillpoints still in place.

Last 3 albums really began to show the changes.

Sgt Peppers especially I’m familiar with as purchased recently and played a lot.

Songs sounded more natural, I was drawn in more, harmonies came across better, strings sounded more real.

Treble and hi hats especially sounded very natural, no harshness.

The National cd, not well recorded, as done in a home studio, but again I connected with it better than before.

Kevin Drew - very well recorded disc, again connected with it really well.

Watched the end of Heat, the new re-mastered edition, harder here to see or hear any improvements.

Early days, but I’m happy with what the 2 iQSE’s have brought to my system with just being added into the P10.

I’m already wondering what they would do to within my stereo and home cinema components.

To sum up, I found the system more natural and easier to listen too … and it was already very good.

Again, this is my personal experience, YMMV.

It appears they are well worth what you spent. :slight_smile:


Did you take any pictures on your P10 before you put the cover back? I use them on the power cords that connects to my BHK 250 and my power strip. Sound amazing!