P10 and SMPS

Good afternoon,

I have a question to Paul and all other members of PS audio forum. Due to a lack of space in my rack and around it I cannot use linear PSU, I would have to use two SMPS for powering two devices that needs 5V/3A ( real consumption is not more than 2A).

I was checking Up ifi iPower. I’ve read so many pros and cons last couple of days about them that right now I’m not sure what to do.

So my question is:

Is using ifi iPower going to affect negatively on my PS P10 or orher components that are plugged in it and how could I see/hear that? Maybe “THD Out” showing unusual readings?

Any advice would be highly would be highly appreciated.


You’re asking if a SMPS will adversely affect the Power Plant. It’s a good question because SMPS have very low power factors and will bother many types of power conditioners - but not a Power Plant. No problem whatsoever and highly recommended.

Thank you Paul for answering on this. When you said " highly recommended" are you referring on the type (brand) of smps I’ve decided to use?

Thank you,


No, just that any UPS of that type will be fine.

Oh, Ok… I know that SMPS’s are enemies of good sound and unacceptable as a solution for supplying power to audio components. The only things I’m reaching out to SMPS is the reason that I need quick fix before I reorganize my rig, my rack and then get some quality LPSU.

Thank you for the answers, Paul