P10 Top plate material

Hello guys,

What kind of material is made the top plate of the P10?Acrylic???

Is possible to polish them for remove swirls and scratches?

Is possible to use some kind of wax for a high gloss luxury finish?

Thanks a lot


Hi Pablo

from one of the manuals;

Should minor scratches occur, simply purchase any type of high quality automotive scratch removal polish such as Kit’s Scratch Out or McGuire’s products. Car finish polish and wax can both be used on this surface for a beautiful luster. The top cover is a beautiful piano black painted surface over MDF (wood).

The tops are acrylic paint over HDF (wood). The process to get them looking that nice is extraordinary. They are painted, then polished on large buffing wheels in a series of finer and finer grits until the final polish which is done by hand. It’s about a twelve step process if I remember. In any case, as Frank suggests, you can treat it like any painted surface. Mostly, think of it as a car finish. It can be polished, waxed, even rubbing compound if it’s in bad shape.

Thank you very much for your fast replies guys! 4_gif