Great polish for any PS Audio painted top covers

I just used this 3M Polishing Compound on my DSD and DMP. Wow! It worked beautifully. It was quick, easy and safe on the clear coat. There were a couple deeper scratches for which I applied as much pressure as I could while polishing it out. If you only have light scuff marks, it only takes a little pressure and in 10 mins the cover will look brand new. No swirl marks, just a high gloss polished finish. You cannot screw it up.


Thank you for the info. I’ll try it.

If you are using a rubbing compound, you really need to followup with polish and a sealer, IMO. Is the rubbing compound leaving behind micro scratches?

With this particular brand, a polishing compound is not necessary. As I stated in my original post, no swirl marks. Not all “rubbing compounds” are the same formula.

Remember, I actually used this on my two top covers. No assumptions. No speculation. Its clear coat safe, meaning it will not wear it down under normal use. I was apply HUGE pressure and no ill effects. I would not have posted such if I had not tried it and gotten the results that I did.


I use the 3M on my old black Porsche if I have major swirl marks. It works beautifully.
For less aggressive cleaning, I use this P21S.
Both are great for the painted tops on our DMP and DSD.


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