P12 Adequate for this

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, but looking for more feedback. Wondering if the P12 is enough for a BHK Stereo 250, tube preamp, and DS Sr.?

Since the the BHK 250 into a 4 ohm load can draw 1600 watts, and the P12 is rated at 1000 VA, I’m not sure the P12 is really enough. I know watts and VA aren’t equivalent, but I think they are in the ballpark.

The P12 will do a good job powering this gear. In most cases with average listening levels and typical speakers, you’ll likely be pulling 300W just with the BHK 250 alone. This does of course depend on the speakers you’re driving and how efficient they are. Your tube pre and DSD won’t be pulling much more than about 75W. (educated guess)
As you mentioned, the amp could pull up to 1600 watts through a very dynamic passage. You won’t hurt the P12, but you’ll want to have the overhead available when you need it. Moving up to the P15 will allow for this type of overhead and you’ll also get the benefit of its stronger voltage regulation and lower output impedance.