P12 support BHK pre and 300's temporarily?


I am going to be the lucky recipient of new BHK 300s and a sig pre here in a few days, and was wondering about power draw.

I have a P12 coming tomorrow that I am hoping will support (not optimally of course) my amps and pre, along with with 3 other digital sources, which each draw about 25 watts. I am figuring I will be at about 450 watts of draw with everything running, and I do listen at rather modest levels (probably 1-2 watts max) most of the time. I realize that listening at very high levels could easily tax the P12, but thats not the plan while using it.

I will moving to a new house in a few months, and plan on installing a dedicated 20 amp circuit for a P20 to permanently run my gear…but I just wanted to confirm with the pros here as to whether I could get a way with running everything I stated above on the P12, or if I should just go right into the walls with the BHK 300’s until I get the P20 in a few months.

Thanks all!


Welcome, Scott!

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I have my DS DAC, BHK Pre and BHK 300s connected to the P12 and its all working fine around 46% load / 350w. I can’t go very loud due to neighbors so for normal listen no issues.

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Great to know…thanks!


I recently installed a P12 onto my system, source end is a ARC pre, DSD DAC, DS Memory Player, a Nak CR7A (rarely used and not powered on) and a pair of Pass 260.8 monoblocks. Initally everything went fine, I started the sources first then amps and the P12 did its thing, no problems for the entire evening. The next day, when I fired it up, the P12 turned on the DSD, DSMP and the amps (Pre had to be turned on by its remote) after a short period of time, it overloaded and shut down.Took a couple of time to get it running again as the amps kept messing with it. Eventually, I started the amps one at a time and after a minute or two started sources and it had not problem at that point. Went back and forth with Tech Support and the P12 was working to specs just the initial draw was too much for it. I knew that I should not have been using it with the amps, but figured what the hell, give it a shot. As long as it does not get too annoying I will deal with the start up because the difference was REALLY noticable. Going to invest in a better power cable and maybe another P12 for the amps down the road.

Hope this helps


Wow. The P12 must be really working hard. What percent capacity does it show on the screen?

Thanks Steve,

I traded in the P12 and got a P15. Sitting at 48% with BHK Pre and 300’s, Auralic Stack and Roon Nucleus. All good!

My PP12 is connected to 2 PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium amps, a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium pre amp, a Bottlehead Eros phono-pre, a Bottlehead Crack with Speedball headphone amp plus a BlueSound Vault 2i, a MYTEC Liberty DAC, and a Cambridge Audio universal disc player. The whole shebang is pulling a tad over 250 Watts. That’s a lot of tubes and a lot of components yet still way within the PP12’s limits.