P12 - are there two versions: „perfect wave“ and „direct stream“?

I got an offer from a dealer for a P12 and I am a bit confused: on the front, it says „DirectStream“, but on the back plate it says „Perfect Wave Power Plant 12 Regenerator“ (it‘s a European 4 plug Schuko model).
Photos on your website show „Direct Stream“ also
on the back plate.
Is this an older model? What are the differences between „Perfect Wave“ and „Direct Stream“ P12 models?

Welcome @dvdr
My P15 says the same as the P12 offered by your dealer. I never heard there were versions (other than 120 vs 230 volts) or generations of PSA power plants!

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There is only one P12. A visit to the website should make it clear, re. the DirectStream line of products, the Stellar line of products.

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That’s what DID confuse me: the product line is “DirectStream”, photos on the website show the word “DirectStream” on both the front AND the back of the P12.
And yet, the P12 on offer has the print “Perfect Wave Power Plant 12 Regenerator” on the back - just like they used to name the P5 from the previous generation on the back.
Wouldn’t that confuse you as well, that this might be some sort of “not up to date / intermediate” build?