P5 Registration

Hello Moderators and tech support. While looking around on the website, mostly the new DSJ DAC and DSM transport thought it would be good time finally register my P5 purchased in Jan 2016. I know its a bit late. However the pull down menu does NOT include the PW power plants though a number of other PW products are listed. The closest I could get to it were the Power Play 5000 AC conditioner.


It’s list as “P5 AC Power Regenerator,” or something like that. The Power Plants don’t have “Perfect Wave” in their names.

I also just heard from tech support on this and they concurred it is listed as P5 AC Regenerator. However these units do have the Perfect Wave name associated with them, just an FYI. Its on the component as well as the packing list, and start guide I’m looking at right now.

Many Thanks

I stand corrected. Should have known better. My own P10 has it on the front (although the print is very small unless you get really close). 4_gif