P12 for amplifier?


I have already ordered a P12 from my local dealer .
I have two hypex ncore class D amplifier, would that be ok to drive those using P12?
Or is it in general not preferrable to plug amplifier into power regenerator?


Generally you’re best off plugging your amps into your Power Plant, especially since your Hypex amps aren’t too taxing and will appreciate the better power and lower output impedance from your P12.

There are a few folks out there who prefer going straight to the wall with their amps so I recommend trying out both, though I’d bet good money you’ll like how they sound on your new P12.


All of my past amps, I used to plug directly into the wall, but with my new Class D amps and the fact they’re only powering a pair of bookshelf speakers, I have them plugged into my power conditioner. I know, it’s not a Power Plant, but I don’t have $6k to put into something like that.


I am using a P 10 to power my whole system. My Amplifier is a Wyred 4 Sound ST 1000mk2. I can be playing at very high levels and I am only consuming less than 10% of the capacity of the P-10. I used to power my amp on a 240 volt feed. I switched it to 120 volt an plugged it into the P -10. the sonic performance is MUCH improved!


Thanks all for your advice.
Yes it would be easy to test it out myself once I got the P12 delivered.
Just FYI I have a 2ch nc500 amp(powered by a pair of SMPS1200A700) , and a 8ch amp (powered by 4 nc502mp module).
It is an AV system, so I have subwoofer, Anthem processor , projector, player etc…

I guess P12 would be barely able to drive all of them together, may be I will try the one by one .

Is there a guide line recommend how much loading should be keep on utilizing at max the power plant?
Say, 30%? 50% or even higher?


We recommend keeping Power Plants under 75% capacity in typical usage to ensure a long healthy life for the Power Plant.

Normally this stays under the thermal threshold for the fans in the P12, and it ensures you have enough juice to push your system when you want to crank it or if you need more power in a jiffy.

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I have got the P12 setup already.
I plugged all my preamp, power amp, TV, player, subwoofer etc…the sound stage is wider, more dynamic, and AV dialog is more at the front stage.
And it’s only using 30% !

However, I hear a consistent ‘deee’ sound from P12, while I turn on any Zone. That deee sound seems to be a transformer working at high frequency or whatever. I can hear it easily even I sit on my sofa about 9ft away.
It became silent if I turn off all zone. (Just a very low noise from the P12 itself)

As P12 user, are you able to hear any noise when the device is on (and zones are off), and when all zone are on ?