PP12 incoming, need PC advice

Hi all

I am getting a PP12 next week and have been evaluation different options for PC both before and after the power plant. I can get from a dealer very good prices on either Audioquest cables or Puritan ones. Would love some advice from fellow owners:

  • Should I get an AQ Hurricane HC to connect the P12 to the wall or a Puritan Ultimate? Price is almost the same.

  • Likewise to connect the P12 to my gear I’m thinking of using Puritan Ultimate cables since I feel that the Hurricanes are overkill for source gear. Or maybe just one other Hurricane for my HP amp (Riviera AIC-10)?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

I would get SR Atmosphere Euphoria High Current for the power plant.

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To summarize my reading of these forums, use your best PC on the P12.

Beyond that, you need to pay attention to what fits before you can even begin to evaluate sonics.

I sold my P12 because the spacing of the sockets was a problem once I moved beyond cables with smaller molded plugs. For example, Shunyata Venom or Audience Forte F3 (both with molded ends), no problem with either of those adjacent to each other. As soon as I upgraded to Iconoclast BAV, I had a problem with cables not fitting in adjacent sockets and/or ends so close they were physically rubbing on one another.

You can ask PS Audio which cables might fit, but if your experience is like mine, you will get ghosted. Did I mention I sold my P12? :slightly_smiling_face:

For a P12, it’s more important to get your PC candidates in a way that allows for returns or maybe take your P12 to your dealer. If you want to use more than one connection/zone with better cables, some trial-and-error for fitting is probably in your future.

Let us know what works for you. Good luck!


Thanks for all the advice, good point about the size of the sockets. I’ll check all and report back!