P12 Multiwave/Phase tuning

MW tuning has been a recurring topic on the P12 as a means to improve performance although the only topic from October 2020 rapidly devolved into a discussion of Lexus auto quality control. In checking with the Operation Guide page 9, there is no real detail on how a user varies “the strength of the MultiWave output according to the needs of the equipment and the resulting performance benefits”. There is a similar absence of useful detail regarding Phase tuning. Is there another source for this information as the Operating Guide is not helpful.
Appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction.

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You should find the following thread helpful for understanding Phase Tuning:

And one on multiwave:

I appreciate the links to previous discussions on MultiWave and Phase Tuning for the P12. Unfortunately, while the discussion was interesting, it did not improve my understanding of these topics one iota. Changing the Phase Tuning to negative per comments from one blogger led to a marked lack of clarity and bass emphasis. Similarly, activating the multiwave function led to a bass heavy situation. Is there someone specific at PSA I should contact?

It appears to me you are on the right track. All of these adjustments are made to ear on any given system.

The expectation is phase tuning will rarely need be used. This is used when your power has a fundamental problem. Typically you do not use phase tuning and doing so does not result in an improvement, as you found.

Playing with multiwave is encouraged to see what works in your system. If there is no improvement, do not use it. Merely because an adjustment can be made does not mean it should be. :slight_smile:

Perhaps someone here has more something to share. @jamesh and @Paul may see this and comment as well.

As far as MW strength goes, this has to be done by ear. I really don’t have any recommendations that would be specific to downstream gear because I just don’t have a large enough sample. I run all PS gear and MW strength 4 is the sweet spot for me.

Phase tuning is much more simple. It’s an automatic thing and you should really only need to press the “autotune” button once. It helps the internal oscilloscope align with the incoming phase. This is not something I would tweak, it is an automatic process.

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Thanks for the insights especially on the Phase tuning that I will leave alone. For the MW strength adjustment - what can it do and how do you know when it’s doing something?
What should I be listening for? If you perceive something good at +2, should it get progressive better with an increase on the + side to 3 and 4, etc. What happens if you move to minus settings?

Hi Mike,

There’s no minus settings on Multi-Wave. I don’t fully understand the mechanics of Multi-Wave but I have used it for years on four different regenerators, two that have adjustable Multi-Wave, two that are fixed. I usually have mine set to 3. My sense of the mode is that it deepens a sense of power capacitance, and that there is a depth to the sound and a “richer” feel to the sound. As Elk has mentioned there is no “right” or “wrong” setting. If your system has a rich sound already perhaps “Sine” is a better fit, but otherwise I would start at “1” and listen to a variety of material and then move to “2” etc.

I differ from Elk in thinking that “Phase Tuning” is best left alone. It may be my system but when I let the regenerator do auto-phase tuning I often get different settings each time, usually from “+4” to “+6” but on occasion “-1” or “-2”. . . . It puzzles me because I have a pretty stable power source, living out in the country so to speak and having a line directly from a power pole into my electrical box, with distortion that rarely fluctuates more than .1 percentages from 1.5 to 1.8.

I find that my system with my favorite tube complements is just a touch lean and I generally have the Phase set at “-1” though the difference between that and “0” is subtle. . . just a touch of bass and warmth at “-1.” If “-1” had too much bass for you leaving it at “0” makes sense and perhaps experiment with “+1”. . .or try some speaker position incremental changes. . . . Happy listening!

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Many thanks for your insights Lonson. I shall experiment with the MW. I did note that phase autotune generated different values within a 15 minute time period - a little like spinning a roulette wheel - even though we have a pretty stable power supply in Central Ohio as compared to that in Chicago. The voltage ranges from 118 -121 with distortion usually around 2.5%

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I’m in Ohio too, past the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. One of the many benefits is steady clean power and distance from neighbors’ electrical equipment and noise. One big downside. . . you have to learn to cook because restaurants. . . well I’ll be polite and just say. . . they are not exciting.

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I experimented a little when I got my P12 early this year. Perhaps it is time again after all of my upgrades. I will say that my OLED prefered sinewave though. But lately, I’ve been listening to more music and watching less TV. So a great reason to play around with it! Thanks for inspiring me to experiment… it’s also been months since I degaussed too! I am such a slacker.

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Unfortunately I have to agree with you re restaurants although I used to like Table 45 at the Cleveland Clinic Intercontinental but that was many years ago.

Best regards

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Yes. . . and out here far to the East of Cleveland it is really bad. Coming from 33 years in Austin is a long cold turkey I’m still suffering 8 years later.

Sinewave still wins in my system. MW, no matter the level, adds more upper bass/midbass (distortion I assume since this is not present in sinewave mode) and I really don’t like it. I’ve spent too much time, effort and ‘chickens’ to get away from that kind of sound. But it’s cool that we have an option I suppose.

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