P12 OMG, what an improvement!

No Words really, what kind of magic is this… I didn’t think it was going to sound much better than the P3 (now in office system) but was way off - Love it!

The THD in is crazy high, now I can justify the purchase to wifey :slight_smile:


Wow, 6% is higher than average! I wonder what the average by region is…hmm psaudio used to have a system to collect the data from all connected power plants

North County San Diego (Carlsbad/La Costa) for this one with a 1978 FPE breaker box. I did just Amazon new breakers. My brother in-law (electrician) said FPE boxes are known for burning down houses :grimacing:

Well hello neighbor!

In 2016 I completely remodeled my 1952 bungalow in Vista.

Had a 50amp panel with glass screw in breakers and cloth covered wires. Original!

Your bro-in-law needs to hook you up with a 10awg dedicated feed for audio

I know right… he’s up in LA and does commercial buildings and famous Hollywood peeps’ second lairs…, we are so beneath his skills.

Wow you win the dangerous-electric prize Brett. Knob and tube. A much simpler time… :slight_smile: