The BEAST has landed - my new P20

I already have the BHK 300s so I kind of knew what to expect. Glad I already saw the unpacking youtube video, that was a life (back) saver! I don’t know who the folks are who packed that sucker, but I wouldn’t want to meet any them in a dark alley! :grin:

Anyway, I’ve wrestled that monster into a good enough location to do a preliminary hookup. OOB it is nice! Wanted to do a quick listen last evening and ended up doing 4 hours. Got it running now because I need to break it in, right?

124 v in, 120 v out, THD in 3%, out too small to tell. I was surprised how ragged and noisy the voltage is. Running rock solid at 400 watts. Give it a couple of days then I’ll power some prima luna tube gear from it. Man, I feel like a kid.


What does this mean?

He probably means this:

Quite the difference

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Yep! Poor choice of words on my part.

Ha, I knew exactly what you meant. Normally how I describe myself in the morning, but I knew what you meant in reference to voltage. :grin:


Okay. So today I decided to change out my BHK preamp and 300 mono blocks for my prima luna Dialogue preamp and HP mono blocks. Power consumption went from about 400 watts to 720 watts. I had not given that any previous thought. Tubes draw more power then the PS audio 300s! What a nub I be. :upside_down_face:

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I imagine your prima luna dialogue preamp is really enjoying
clean power and rewarding with quite an aria :grinning: :musical_note:

Okay. I really liked what it did for the PS suite. Well worth it and then some. But what it does for the prima luna suite with the PS audio DMP and DAC with SACDs is exceptional! If you have Focal speakers and you couple it with SS or tubes, especially tubes, you owe it to yourself to try one of the PS audio power regenerators. I now consider the P20 my designated franchise player, its that good. I’ve been listening to it since 5 p.m. and am going back. I just don’t want to turn it off.

Now I desperately need to get my VPI TT up and running. You may not hear from me again until the spring thaw. (Lucky you!)


This is amazing. I run a P12 with my PL Evo 400i and was so smitten that I just purchased the P20 in Batman black for my HT/music setup. It is burning in quite nicely on a dedicated 20 amp circuit that I had my electrician put in.

Beast nearly broke my back.


That is a beautiful setup you have there! A dedicated 20 amp is on my to do list as soon as this pandemic is brought under control. I really know what you mean about the beast! Got it close enough and am moving other equipment around to accommodate for now. Are those GIK tri corner bass traps? Could you or anyone else out there share the approximate cost of putting in a dedicated 20 amp service? PM me if you want.



I just paid $360 in Greenville, SC with 10 gauge wire in July. I provided the two outlets and the electrician everything else. That is probably on the low end as my electrician has a full time gig with one of the large Regional builders and was “moonlighting” on the side.

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Yes GIK traps.

For the 20 amp outlet - ~ $400 for first floor. My HT is on the 2nd floor so my electrician charged $800. I provided the PS Audio powerport classic outlet.


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Thanks for posting this. It’s hard to get people to consider just how important power is until you actually get a P20 into the system. That’s when your eyes open to what’s truly been missing. Thanks for sharing.


And it takes a couple of weeks for it to really sound nice :grin:

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You’ll notice you have more power reserve on the P20 with the 20amp outlet.
Awesome(sum!) system

I put in 4, 10 AWG Romex lines in 40 ft runs.

Wire $150, power ports $200, breakers $45, box, outlet cover, conduit, caulk, masonry drill, fasteners another $75. DIY hours 8 to 10.


Yea man! You said those magic words…DIY. But I don’t have to spend no stinken 8-10 hours to kill myself! The only question is how. Ladder fall, drill bit through a major artery, and last, but not least, electrocution! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Paid $150, in Connecticut, for a 20A dedicated circuit. I provided the outlet and 10 ga wire. Paid $120 in Rhode Island. I provided the outlet, they used 10ga as well, In both cases I utilized my builder’s electrician.

I did my three 20 amp circuits myself mainly for the challenge and exercise but electricians in this area charge $120/hour for labor plus materials unless your friend is an electrician (which mine is). I would say depending on obstacles the rate for one circuit and outlet would be in the $500 to $1000 range if done by a licensed electrical contractor as a bid job.


Thanks for the info! I appreciate ya’ll taking the time. After this pandemic is over, that’s going to be number 1 on my list.

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