Is my P? Enough

I’m a happy new owner of some PS kit (BHK pre and 250, DS DAC and P12). This was a purchase I had been considering for while, and these forums were quite helpful to me (so thanks tons, all).

One thing I did notice was that I had to poke about quite a bit on the power forum to collect information on which PP would be the “right” fit. Although I really wanted the 300s, the 15 and the 20 just posed too many placement issues in my room (shockingly, my lady doesn’t find my rig as aesthetically pleasing as I do). I’m guessing others may be making similar compromises for a host of reasons.

In any event, based upon the above, I thought it may be helpful to folks (like me, when I was researching) to have some system-specific information to with respect to load, etc. in one place. Although no two systems/rooms are exactly the same, it may provide some basis for comparison.

Here is my info to get things started

-BHK Pre
-BHK 250
-DS Dac
-Simaudio Moon 320s power supply
-Oppo 203

Speakers: Revel F228s (8 ohm/90 dB)

Room Size: Approx: 20 ft/14 ft (L/W) w/10 ft ceilings

At normal listening volumes (pre at 74 and Dac at 40- 50) my P12 runs at approx 35% load (235 - 250W). Pushing it hard (pre at same level, Dac at 60-75), it runs at about 40 - 45% (275 - 300W). Very rarely, I’ll get a very brief spike at around 410-420.

Welcome to the forum. What you’re suggesting is the role of a dealer. Tell them the gear you have and they should recommend the minimum PP to suit. Then it becomes a question of budget if you want something with more juice.

Between 35% and 45% is exactly where I feel comfortable with my own power plant. I have the P20, with a pair of BHK300’s, BHK Pre; DMP & occationally a 65 inch LED TV and a pair of Vivid Giya Spirits. I very rarely go beyond 38% on the loudest passages with everything on.
You’ll be fine … definitely enough “P” :grin:

My two cents is that a lot of folks sweat over the capability their P-Power devices Way beyond what is necessary. Most systems do not come close to drawing what the Purchased P-whatever can handle.