P12 vs Dectet

Thank you James. I am connected to the network. Are instructions available to do this over a web interface while we wait for the PP app release?

Some preliminary listening experiences:

Day 0 (immediately after plugging in): the sound was harsh and tinny/edgy compared to the Dectet. Paid no attention to it.

Day 1 (24 hours after being left on): Being at work today was difficult. Significant difference and the sound seems to be well rounded with both CD and LP playback. Edginess gone. Wattage consistently holding steady at 250w with all devices plugged in (see photo).

Can’t wait to hear what the system sounds like after 2 weeks. Thank you all.

Self-answered. It is just the ip address on the browser URL to connect to the P12. Thank you!

Sorry for the lack of instructions but glad you got it figured out!

Yes, those first few miles (hours) can be a bit bright but just you wait until that 2 week mark. The system’ll be singin’!


Hello folks. An update after a few weeks in with my new P12. Loving it so far with the MW 4 setting. I struggle to describe the improvements, but it suffices to say that the P12 will be a keeper in my 2.0 rig. Draw is consistently at 250va.

Also took the opportunity to order a black P20 (booyah!) for my 7.2.4 HT rig, which consists of the following gear:

  • Marantz SR8012 receiver (used to drive rear surrounds and 4 atmos overhead channels)
  • Rotel RMB1095 5 channel amp (beast) for front stage and side surrounds
  • Oppo UDP205 for HT and stereo SACD/CD/multi-ch analog listening
  • Sony PS3
  • Roku Ultra
  • Dual SVS SB-16 ultra subs
  • Pro-Ject debut carbon DC turntable
  • SVS ultra towers, centers, and surrounds
  • SVS Prime Elevations for ceiling atmos.

All of this gear is currently being conditioned and protected by a faithful Monster HTPS7000Mk2 power center.

I will start off with the 15A outlet with a PSA AC-12 cable, but am considering dropping a dedicated 20A outlet to leverage the full potential of the P20.

Excited for and intimidated about the P20 all at once.