P12 vs Dectet

I’ve already got the P12 for some time now, so I know what this fabulous device is capable of.
My brother just received his yesterday and is really excited how this device can be better than his PS Audio Dectet he was using before. There is less graininess in the highs with better texture and fuller sound. The problem with the Dectet is although the sound is cleaner than from the wall, it is also more sterile. It filtered not only the highs, but interfered with other frequencies as well. The P12 does not do any filtering, and any music that comes through just comes through better with less distortion. He measure 7% distortion coming in and .7% out, a huge reduction. The waveform was really capped off the top coming in and almost perfect with no capped on top going out. That’s got to affect the sound in some way or another and he can hear it. I believe only a regenerator can offer this level of improvement in the power. He is so thrilled that his music is now even more enjoyable.


Wow 7% distorntion coming in is terrible. I cringe when I see 4 % coming in on my p10 . Thank goodness the p10 knocks it down to .2%

Yes, he lives in a pretty dirty area quite a distance away from the power station. He also lives near a main transmission tower which means strong RFI interference. He usually have a problem with strong noice with his phono stages. A salesman once came to his house to witness this noice problem and when he saw this tower, he said if we turn off the lights, we can probably see my brother glowing in the dark from the radiation. lol. Thank god he found a phono stage that is quiet regardless.
I live nearer a power station and the distortion is 2.7% average with a output of .1%, pretty constant. But I still have this flatten sine wave with incoming power. The power going out from the P12 has a full nice sine wave though. With the P12, the dynamics from a powerful drum recording, especially on vinyl really sounds uncompressed. Try (The Percussion Record) The O-Zone Percussion Group, from Clearaudio, and turn it way up, you’ll be blown away.

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Mr. McGowan is on record stating that plugging an amp into the Detect is worst than going straight into the wall. I did notice it cleaned up my Plasma TV a bit.

Regenerators appear to be fabulous pieces of hardware. Unfortunately, PS Audio prices them extremely high. You can no longer get them at a more affordable price through online dealers.


How different is the Dectet from the old Juice Box? Anyone know? (I think the Juice Box was just three PSA outlets in a power strip, right.)

Is there any benefit to running them in sequence, if power surges are a thing where you live? The Dectet first, to add a layer of insulation, and then the regenerator to make it look like a good stream, as well as adding another piece of protection?

I’ve been using a Dectet for several months now, very happily I might add. However could not resist and ordered a P12 that I’m about to hook up today. Associated gear is as follows:

  • PrimaLuna Evo 400 tube integrated amp
  • Oppo BDP95 for CD/SACD playback
  • PS Audio Sprout as bluetooth dac only
  • VPI Super Prime Scout TT
  • Sutherland 20/20 phono stage + LPS
  • Triode Wire Labs Power Cables, interconnects, and speaker cables. The TWL seven plus is being used to go from the Dectet to the Power port classic wall plug with a PS noise harvester connected to an open outlet on the dectet.

The primary questions I have are:

  1. Will the P12 create a problem for the Phono stage LPS downstream?
  2. After running the deguass cleanwave cycle, can I use the default settings on the P12?
  3. The seven plus cable will go between the P12 and the power port classic. Do I still need the noise harvester with the P12?

I would say, hopefully correctly, as I have a PPP, a P10 ane a P15 but not a P12. . . .

  1. No
  2. Yes, but in time play withe the settings.
  3. Try both with and without. I have never used a Noise Harvester but I do use Shunyata Defenders, and their inclusion makes a subtle benefit.
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Thank you lonson. Would the noise harvester go in any of the open outlets on the power plant, or on the open wall receptacle of the power port classic?

You can try it either way and see which may be most effective. (As I note I don’t have experience with the Noise Harvester but with another plug-in noise reduction device). I use Defenders and have one plugged into the only open outlet I have on the P15 (which is paired with my “noisiest” component as far as hum noise goes) and one in the Ultimate Outlet I have the P15 plugged into.

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I do have a couple of noise harvesters and yes, they do improve the sound. You can put them anywhere but I find the best place in my system is one on the same duplex outlet I plug the P12 into and one on the other outlet that I plug my other conditioner into which is also another circuit. No doubt about it, my brother and I both heard the improvement with the harvesters in. He actually went and bought a couple of harvesters himself.

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The LPS should be fine on the P12. I wouldn’t worry about it. Yes, indeed, feel free to use the default setting after CleanWave but, I would encourage you to experiment with different MultiWave settings until you find what you like best.

Also, keep in mind you should give the unit a week or two to break in before making any decisions.

You don’t need the Noise Harvester though it won’t hurt on the P12 input.

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Thank you Paul! Can I just say that the Dectet has been splendid to date, and that the Sprout 1st gen makes a killer bluetooth streaming DAC feeding into the PrimaLuna? Hard to fathom what the P12 is about to do the system after burn-in is complete.

Ok folks. Hooked the P12 up and ran 2 x clean cycles. Here are the readings. Will follow recommendations to let the unit burn-in.!

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That’s good, 0.1% THD out is a good number and great improvement from 3.4% in. Enjoy and keep us posted on how it changes your system.

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An absolutely rookie question - I’m unable to figure out how to rename the outlets on the P12. I am able to get to the setup screen for the various zones but am unable to rename with the touch screen or the remote. What is it that I could be missing?

I have P12 on my network, so I can use the web interface to set the outlet name.
However, the configuration in the P12 web interface has bug, but still workable. Here is my post regarding this bug P12 firmware update will not load

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Thanks. The firmware version is 2.11, which appears to be the latest. Just trying to understand how to rename the outlets.

It seems rename can only be done via web interface. The interface bug I reported to PSA was for the “latest” version of the firmware update. Before the update, the interface layout is correctly show P12, not the one look like for P20.

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Terrence is right about this. You should be able to rename them if it’s connected to your network. The new PowerPlay will be relevant here soon as well. I just looked at the picture of the display and all looks great!

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