New DirectStream P12

I’ve been listening the whole day with the new DSP5/P12 in the chain with wywires silver power cables and furutech ncf plugs. Unfortunately it’s quite good. The improvements on on my system are not subtle and it’s not just one area it’s everything. Tighter bass, crisper cleaner highs, better separation etc. Too bad it’s so expensive but for me well worth it on my tube amps. It’s a definitive upgrade over the old P5 and I do like the new UI.
The only downside? It shares some IR codes with my lg oled tv.

How did you get your hands on them?

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So did the P5…(remote codes)

Well, yeah…this is known about. What would be nice is a dedicated App for the power plants, add some slickness to the current capability of web browser control.

How hard would it be to have an option to disable IR from the touch screen? With my logitech harmony when controlling different gear It even shuts down the P12 due to the overlapping codes. Having to use tape with nail polish isn’t the best option on a 5K piece of gear.

I think it’s previously been flagged as a new feature request…see what happens.

Any update on when the new P15 will be released and available in Canada? Looking to add it to my 2 channel system and move my existing P10 to the HT/music system in replacement of the P5 that I’m currently using.

We really need an apps in cellular phone to control and monitor our powerplants on the road.

PS Audio, please design an apps for us asap. Thank you.

Have you tried Power Play on your phone? It should work fine.

Yes, I can use the web browser in my phone to log in to Power Play, but the control is not easy.

It will be much better to have an apps especially designed for mobile phone with simple layout and large button.

Good grief, give their software guys a break! We need DMP fixed as first priority, everything else comes 2nd/3rd/4th…


Yes, later this month P15s begin shipping.

Paul, do you know what week the website will be updated for the unit details?

Should have both P15 and P12 webpages up mid next week. Working on them now.

Paul - I was wondering why the delayed announcement of the P12 and P15? Even if the P12 and P15 were not ready for prime time as the P20 was, it makes sense to me that you would announce them together so that the consumer could make a more educated purchase rather than buying a P20 and then realizing later that he/she could have had a P15 that might have met their needs more. I was just curious.

On a side note, knowing that there is a P15 coming bums me out because I was resistant to the P20 because I thought it was overkill despite my P10 being full up. Now I’m trying to rationalize a P15!!!

We’re finishing up the webpages right now and hope to have them done this week. I see you posted their links which were supposed to be hidden. I suppose that comes from Google. Sigh. We’ll make an official announcement once we finish filling in the webpages.

Are you going to do a trade-up offer this time around on the new power plants? My buzzing P3 is starting to annoy me and its days are numbered.

We are, yes. Details still being worked out. Not sure what Magenta’s doing, however.