P12 Work Well For Me?

Hello good folks! My first post on these forums but have lurked for a little while.

Anyways, wanted to ask your opinions about a P12 working with my system. I’ve been slowly building my system from a vintage, straight up analog setup, to a much more modern “hybrid” setup. I’m pretty much bare bones at this point with:

McIntosh C2700 PreAmp
McIntosh MC462 Amp
Rega Planar 6 Turntable
JBL L300 Speakers

My next purchase was looking to be a new set of speakers. But I’m just not finding anything (that I’ve been able to audition or observe in person) that’s interested me. That has gotten me here thinking about a P12 for some nice power stabilization/conditioning.

In the near future I’m also looking to find a disc player of some sorts (also a very difficult task to find what I’d like) and a streamer.

My question, for these heavy components I already have in my system, does a P12 seem adequate? Even the P12 is a little over my budget for such a component, but, I’m constantly “stretching”.

All opinions are welcome :slight_smile: Thanks!


Howdy maker…

There is a post from a fellow who is powering his 2 Emotiva XPA 1
monoblocs 60 watts Class A amps plus a Plinius Class A amp
very high current draw and the P12 handling it …but near it’s limit.

Here is the link:

Your McIntosh C 2700 pre and McIntosh 462 amp driving your
JBL L300/L300a speakers are 93db/watt sensitivity


should be fine…however the ball game changes
if somehow you choose lower sensitivity speakers…
Keep in mind the less sensitivity/watt the more power will
be required of your amp and thus more load on the P12.

PS Audio offers a generous home trial…you could
take advantage of the the Power Play Promo and
get your P12…super deal now going on…

This alone can give you such an upgraded sound stage and quality
that you might just fall in love again with your JBLs and wind p
keeping them…

If the P12 doesn’t improve your sound you have 30 day time window
to return but you must first request an rma…

Give it a shot …you have nothing to loose…

Happy trails friend

McIntosh MC462 pumps about 450wpc (900w total) irrespective of speaker impedance, with a dynamic headroom twice as much. I would double check to make sure the P12 is not pushed over the edge!

Good morning maker and Serhan,

Only that the Emotiva XSP1 monos are Class A 60 watts then ab

  • Power Output: 500 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms, 1000 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms
    It seems that the Emo XPS 1 Gen 2 would crush the 462 in power
    requirements as these are monoblocks…so multiply by 2
    and in addition the P12 i referred to in my previous link is powering
    a Plinius SA 50 which in Class A bias is drawing 650 watts…

So it would seem these 2 XSP1 Gen2 amps far outweigh the McIntosh in power output along with power demand and add on top of that the SA 50 is also running at the same time…

Re-read the post: One P12 for a pair of monoblocs

In appearance looking at the P12’s power demanded of it shown in the
pictures…the P12 is nearing its limits and Leonard the poster states
that even listening at louder sound levels the watts needle indicator hardly budges…

So in conclusion if the P12 can handle Leonard’s system…
it should handle makers Mcintosh system with a fair amount of ease.

It would be worth makers while to try a P12 and return during the 30 day home trial and be refunded.
Nothing lost valuable experience gained.

Happy trails and listening!!

Thanks for the replies! I just want to make sure that I choose the correct power conditioner/regenerator that would be adequate.

And to follow up on my speakers. I guess I don’t necessarily dislike my L300s. But I’m really looking for a speaker that’s a bit more precise. The L300s definitely produce a lovely warm sound that goes well with an analog/tube system (it’s been my setup for years). But this newer/updated system I have rolling now really opened my eyes to preciseness. The MC462 was truly eye opening in that realm.

Honestly, I’ve had my eye on Salk Sound speakers. I’d love to own a set of SS12’s or SS10’s. Which both are slightly more sensitive than my L300’s. Well, and maybe I’m not correct in saying that. Can a 9 db difference constitute as “slight”?

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Salks are really great speakers, I almost purchased a SoundScape 10…
the drawback was…should I not like them…Jim Salk would have
the buyer to wait until a new purchaser shows up wanting them along with the finish I might have chosen…and this model is very heavy…
un box to re box hmmm don’t think so…

None the less these are very desirable speakers…

Yes 9db less sensitivity is a big thing particularly on your listening
preferences and volume levels… and room size, your Mac gear is more than well able to drive the Salks…the Salk SS10 discontinued…
the SS8 is only 87 db/ watt quite a bit less sensitive than your JBL…
You are not alone with the upgraditis…and actually your LS300s
are 93db/watt vs 87db/watt on the Salks only 6db difference
not the 9db difference I thought I read.

Considering your possible future choice …postpone the Salk speakers
for now…gear up to the P15 so that your gear will be able to effortlessly provide the current your new speakers will require…

If I were in your shoes I would 1st get the P15 while it is on the
Power Play Promo…these are huge discounts and will immediately
do wonders for your current equipment…possibly making the
postponement of new speakers easier to copewith.

Best wishes happy journeying on your trail!!

By the way …I have a new P15 Promo special arriving very soon…
though my P12 is awesomely wonderful…I’m thinking of a new
amp that is more current hungry than my present Parasound A21
Class A/AB amp…

By going to the P15 the power pathway is left open…

Happy trails friend

Top notch replies davida! I very much appreciate your insight and advice!

And to referring to the Salk speakers, I’m 100% with you on them and am facing the same conundrum. I absolutely adore them and what I’ve read about them. But the outstanding issue is not being able to audition any of the sets I desire to. I have auditioned Encore’s which were great. But I’d really like some lower end without having to inconveniently add a sub. Just like guitars (another passion of mine), it’s really tough to dive into the expense without any personal time with them.

I was thinking the P15 would probably be more adequate for me in the long run. And ultimately that’s what I’m looking for. Some permanent solutions. But no matter how many times you can say you have your permanent setup, it always seems irresistible to improve it :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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Makers a pleasure to share thoughts…I sadly decided against
the Salks as I would have been pretty much stuck. Whereas
I went with Focal Aria 948’s through Music Direct as they offer
a 60 day home audition plus future trade in if you get the itch
later on. from time to time they do have “special offers”.

My Arias are highly resolving and have a beautiful detailed rich
full sounding 6" midrange…Should I have gone with the Salks?
I’ll never know…but am very pleased with my Focals…

It has been a pleasure chatting with you…
Keep in touch need to hear which trail you chose for
your regenerator path.

Best wishes and happy trails

Generally speaking, each 3 dB increase in output requires 2X the amplifier power. A 6 dB increase would require 4X the power, 2 to the second power.

Your question should not be will the P12 work, because the answer will be; under the right conditions, yes it will.

The question should be will the P12 fit within the performance envelope of my system the way I use it.

A Mac 462 will suck everything a 15 amp circuit will give if driven hard all by its self.

makers…I need to share that I did a 30 day home free trial
of Ascend Acoustic’s (Dave and Dina Fabrikant wonderful gracious
people to work with) Sierra RAAL towers…satin cherry beautiful

At the time I had entry level Harmon Infinity Beta 50’s which were very
good…the Sierra Raal towers were in many ways way ahead of
my former Beta 50s…but simply could not fill the room without
pushing them…the Sierra driver woofers are 2x 5" way to small
for my 15’ x 25’ L shaped room

The RAAL tweeter very detailed but had no bite as on guitar strings
when picked sharply…that dynamic lacked. David Fabrikant granted
me an rma and refunded my towers when he got them back.

My Arias are just as detailed maybe more so because they fill
the room with satisfying bass without being pushed. The layering
of choirs or backup vocals as is if on risers is beautiful to experience.
Symphony orchestras the same…small jazz groups… well the same
can be said for jazz groups. The Arias do bass quite well for towers.
I need to avoid subs (though I would really enjoy having them) for
peace with my neighbors.

Hope this helps shed more light for you in your journey.

Best wishes

I’ve been pleased with the P12 and my MC462:


Beautiful room…just curious what your watt load meter shows
on average listening levels…and then when you “juice it cranking it up”
and upon a cold hard start the momentary jump while your amp

My parasound A21 on a cold from unplugged restart the watt meter
will hit about 875 watts or so then idle down to about 250 or so.
For the most part remains there…but occasionally when I “juice it”
the watt useage can jump to 600 watts ever so briefly so briefly
that I need to be looking closely because the “needle” moves so quickly
it is very easy to miss.

You sharing adds insight perspective, and is really appreciated.

Happy trails friend

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It usually sits around 250 on the P12, and I’d say I like it a bit louder than most and have notoriously inefficient speakers. I’ll have to get back to you on the cold hard start, but don’t recall ever seeing it over 500.

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Thanks for checking on cold start after having left your am unplugged
say overnight if you can…

Cool! So what do you have all plugged into your P12 other than the MC462? It’s a little difficult to see in the picture exactly what’s there. And B&W speakers of some sort?


Currently plugged into my p12:
Dual REL S/812s
Teddy Pardo LPS -> Matrix (might be overkill…but yep)
Fanless Linux box

Not currently connected:
Technics SL1210GR (no need)
Phono Tube Pre (using a Dynavector LOMC Cart, so goes straight to the C47)

edit: B&W 804d3s are the speakers…

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I’d love that 2700, btw. Kind of sick of rolling tubes, but I imagine that sucker sings in a holy fashion.

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Rolling tubes can get long in the tooth after a while…
but sing they do!!!