Can P15 handle these?

Can anyone here confirm if the P15 can handle: a pre-amp and a McIntosh 611 monoblocks and a CD player ?
The one that im a bit of concern is the Mc611 monoblocks as these are 600w x 2.

Thank you for the inputs.

With my 750W monoblocks (and my preamp, etc.) on a P20 I can barely get to 50% utilization playing music way too loud. I doubt that you are getting anywhere near 600W at even loud listening levels.

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I am pretty sure it will handle.
But what I am not sure is will it blunt some dynamic or not. All will have to share one main power cord and a single transformer inside P15. The question shpuld be will it make a true sonic improvement .


Those were precisely my concerns - but it does well here:

great, thanks for the inputs… glad to know it can handle em…

Should be just fine.

Thanks sir…