P15 generating no heat compared to p12

I have just traded my P12 for a P15 and i love it, but i noticed that even though i have plugged in more components in the P15 than i used to in the P12, the cooling fins on the P15 barely get warm with a load of 400 to 500 watts. The P12 with a 300 watt load would get really warm. Is this normal from the P15? everything seems to be working fine and it sounds great.

Yes, my P15 with 3 power-amps, 2 Blu-ray/SACD-players, a pre-amp and a subwoofer is ALWAYS “cold” and nice.

i wonder why there’s such a difference with the P12, hope someone from PS Audio will comment on this.

A small thing must always work much harder than a big thing doing the same thing.
Think about a large truck engine with a small car engine where both have 300 horsepower.
The small engine has to work itself to death to do the same thing as the truck engine with all its torque even though both have 300 horsepower.


dan7721…just my guess…but the P12’s heat sinks are internally
located and don’t conduct heat away from P12 as easily as the
externally mounted heat sinks on the P15-P20… Another factor
might be the smaller heatsink size of the P12…

The P12’s body might retain some of the heat given off…

My P12 running my Parasound A21 plus my front ends my P12
while warm…never an issue…

Hope this sheds some light.

Best wishes


Heat sink mass and surface area and efficiency of regenerator.

Likely both are different between models.

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The heatsinks on the P15 are certainly overbuilt. Which is what you want. When I’m listening, mine has a load of about 350-400W. The top of the fins are maybe warm to the touch.

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About right jamesh…with meat thermometer resting between
the heatsink fins reading is always steady at 90 deg F
with very similar load…

Thanks jamesh
Best wishes