P20 Placement

Looking for some guidance in terms of where i could or should not place my P20 regen

That looks ideal to me. Dress the power cables low left and the interconnects high and you’ll be done.

I think that’s just about perfect and looks really nice there as well. You’ve got some isolation under and dampening on it so I consider that pretty darn good.

I know it has cooling fans but is it a good idea to have something on top of it?

I’m guessing that was likely a typo but the P20 does not have fans.
It can depend. If you’re pulling a lot of juice from it and you can feel the heatsinks getting really hot, I probably wouldn’t stack much directly on the heatsink. However, if it’s not working super hard and not getting too warm, it’s completely fine.

The oversized heatsinks are still really effective at radiating heat from the sides so in most cases, it’s not a problem.

My P15 with roughly 350-400w continuous is barely warm to the touch. Even in the summer months. Compared to the BHK250 which gets pretty damn toasty.


Thank you folks. Its been about 12 hours. Whats amazing is to read the THD in - between 7-8% in and .1 -.2% out, using multi wave.
I had some real extra harmonics prior to the P20 :slight_smile:
The sound is “cleaner”. My 12 year old described the sound as “more floral”. Stereophile take note.


It is a neat, effective product.

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Very nice/insightful…

I’ve put my P15 behind my left main-speaker like this.
I’ve filled 4 glass jars with as much sand that I could possible get into them and then on the glass jars lid I’ve put a Sonic Design 28-50 kilo damping feets and on that damping feet I’ve a wooden board and on that wooden board I have yet another pair of Sonic Design damping feets but of another model since the P15 have so strange & unusual feets.

It’s 44 cm (17,5 inches) space between my speaker & my P15

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Love it !!

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