P15 remote frequencies

I have a new P15 installed at home and after fixing some overload issues, I tried to change the volume on my LG Tv and the P15 Shuts down, anyone else notice this issue? Typically not an issue because I rarely listen to the tv speakers, but I got tired of waiting for my system to reboot everytime I overloaded it.
if there is a way to change the frequencies on the P15 let me know

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Welcome! This is a fairly common issue with LG TVs. The PowerPlants have been using the same codes for years before LG adopted the same ones. Sadly there is no way around this as far as changing the codes for the P15.
Not sure about all, but some TVs do allow you to use different remote codes for different commands. worth going in there and checking.

thank you for the reply not what I wanted to hear but will find a workaround somehow

If it’s what I think it is, you have a problem. The infrared remote sends out a series of codes in the non-visible portion of the light spectrum. To keep multiple users from being affected, there’s a long string of hexadecimal codes uses to (ostensibly) make sure only the desired recipient acts on the affected signal. If what jamesh says is true, the same code is being used for the LG and the P15. The way around this is to put a piece of opaque tape over the P15’s IR sensor and manually turn it on and off with the front panel button. That way the signal for the TV set (that you use more often) won’t turn off the P15.

the other option is to aim the LG remote at the TV in a manner that ensures the P15 doesn’t see the signal. Don’t know if that can work, but it’d be a PITA. But yhou have to make sure (if it does work) that you only hold the remote that one way to ensure the P15 isn’t affected.

bah. Sounds like a pain.

Best of luck.


Once I set up my P12 I’ve never touched any of the settings, touched the remote, or powered it down. Personally I would just cover the P15’s IR sensor with some electrical tape and leave it alone.


Oh, duh, there’s another option, namely to use the 5V trigger IN to turn on the P15. If you have another piece of gear (say a BHK preamp) you can run a mono male-male subminiature jack from the preamp to the trigger IN on the P15 to activate the P15. So your remote would turn on the preamp, which, in turn, activates the P15. If the preamp is powered by the P15, make sure that receptacle says ‘on’ when the P15 power is deactivated. (This can be done in the P15 setup). This way the IR signal from the LG remote is ignored because the 5V trigger activates the P15.

Simple, no?



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I got similar problem. just brought in a new P15 3 days ago. during weekend, I noticed that P15 remote would trigger some menu opening on TV (LG) and likewise TV remote would un-dim the P15. Today however, the P15 only triggers the TV and the P15 does no longer accept any instruction from remote… I cannot dim it anymore. could the remote be de-programmed? Any idea how to make the remote communicate with P15 again?

Welcome, amileon!

Have you tried turning the P15 completely off (toggle switch in the back), wait a bit, and back on again?

thanks so much for the welcome and the quick reply! And, yes I did. Perhaps did not wait long enough… i have now turned it totally off and removed plug from wall. I shall sleep over it and check again in the morning.

Let us know and we will try to help.

With our remotes there isn’t a pairing process so it should be working as normal. Powering the unit off for a little bit is always a good thing to try. But we are aware of the LG TV interaction but unfortunately there isn’t a great fix for this since they adopted the same IR codes that we have used for years. A simple but not so elegant fix is to cover the IR sensor on the regenerator if you don’t access it often but of course this eliminates the possibility of using the factory remote as well.

Despite the unplugging of the unit the entire night, the P15 still does not receive signal from remote. No matter how close I go. Remote has brand new batteries, red light when buttons are pushed and TV reacts to remote orders. I have also removed batteries from remote and reinserted.
P15 seems to be working fine otherwise. I shall contact local dealer to see if they can do something. In the meantime, is there a way to completely dim (and un-dim) the unit manually?

Unfortunately the only method to dim the screen is by using the remote. Did you purchase the unit in the US?

In Manila, the Philippines. I am in contact with the importer. Thanks Kevin

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