P10 conflict with LG TV

So, my P10 came in via FedEx yesterday. I unpacked it and set it up ASAP. Of course I looked at the difference in the voltage 114V in, 120V out and the THD% went from 2.5% down to 0.3%. The improvements are amazing. I listened to a couple of audio test CD on the oppo and they sounded great! Overall the sound improvement is was I wanted and it is everything people say it would do.

Fast forward to this morning. I get up and start my morning ritual of watching the news and eating breakfast before heading to work. Of course the fiance is on summer break, high school teacher, and is sleeping so I want to make sure the volume is low not to wake her up. I turn on the TV. At the same time the screen on the P10 turns on. My first thought is cool, it can tell when something is turning on and auto turns the screen on the P10 so I can see that it’s working. I immediately start turning the volume down on the tv and the screen turns off on the P10 then the entire system shuts down. Again this is the first time the TV has been on with the system so maybe something is wrong with the TV. I also had a thought in the back of my head thinking the LG remote and the PS Audio use the same signal to do different things on each item.

I turn the P10 back on. This time I use the Logitech remote since I know it’s very precise on the RF so there shouldn’t be a conflict. The TV come on and the P10 screen turns on at the same time again (not looking good). This time I try volume up just a couple of clicks. Each time I press volume up the P10 screen turns off then for the second click back on. Of course I try volume down and the P10 then shuts everything down (not good at all).

I am planning on getting a new TV in a year or so, but with buying the P10 right now, the TV is on hold.

Is there any way to disable the remote function on the P10?


The easiest remedy would be to put a strip of tape over the P10 IR receiver and control the P10 over its web interface.

Frode is correct.

Here I thought I was a pretty good morning person. Obviously my brain is not functioning at 100% yet. Running an ethernet cable to the P10 is not going to be a viable long term option, but I will run a temporary cable there so I can adjust settings to the P10. If I am not mistaken, the IR sensor is just to the left of the touch screen.

Is this a known issue with all LG TV’s or is it specific to certain ones only?


I expect other LG TVs exhibit the issue as products in a shared brand family trend to use the same IR codes.

Same thing goes with my P5. Just block the sensor to the side of the display screen. I placed a temperature monitor in front of the sensor and presto no more LG smart TV remote problem.

A wireless bridge works well with the P5/P10s so you can track your voltage THD and watts on line. You can also power the unit remotely online.