P15 "freezing" - screen comes on by itself, remote goes dead

I keep the P15 on but the display off as a matter of course. In the past 12 hours, I’ve come into my living room to find the P15 meter screen showing and the unit unresponsive to the remote.Using the switch on back gets it going again. This also happened several weeks ago, before I went on an extended trip. I’ve also found when it happens that the screen can be manipulated by hand,. I’ve tried the new P20/15 firmware, so will see if it reoccurs.

One thing that surprised me is that when I’ve illuminated the screen outside of this freezing it’s always shown the outlets, but now the home screen switches to the meters after about 20 seconds. Why? Why not leave it under user control?

I have experienced the same issue with my P15 with the screen turning itself back on and then been unresponsive to the remote but after activating the information symbol on the outlet screen the remote then responds.
I’ve also had the screen not responding to the remote when trying to turn the screen on and at the same time the unit doesn’t register on the network so have no control at all, after a reboot it was back to normal.
If there is a firmware update will try that and hope its sorted.

PM sent.

I have had similar issues.

It’s became very occasional for me since last summer, although I don’t show record of a firmware update after July, when it was still happening more often. The reset for me has been to press the home icon on the LED screen and then after a moment of that it goes black again, as I want it.

We’ve got firmware for the Power Plants that we will be sharing this week to address a couple things, including a few related issues.

This bug is a tough one for us to recreate, though we believe this update will resolve it.

Keep an eye out for the new firmware around the end of this week.

The new firmware installed and no display or zone ON/OFF cycling issues… FW = 01.22… been beta testing for the 2nd week this week…

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