P20 20 amp power cord recommendation

Just received my new P20 and want to use the 20 amp feature for full power gains. It says in the manual to use a power cord with a 20A ( Nema 5 -20 plug for the receptacle and a 20A ( IEC C19 ) to plug into the P20.
I have multiple 20 amp dedicated circuits with the PS Audio standard plug in each outlet.
I can find several quality shielded 20 amp power cords with the ( IEC C19 ) connection for the p20 but not with the ( Nema 5-20 plug for the receptacle. They all have the standard plug used for 15 amp connections.
I have been able to locate the cheap molded cord with the correct connections on both ends but not any quality cords with both connection ends.
I have 500 watt mono blocks and want to be sure i don’t run out of power or headroom.
Does any of this really matter since this is a power regenerator? Maybe just purchase the cheap 20 amp molded cord for $ 15.00 on Amazon or buy a quality 20 amp cord with the standard plug connections and leave it be. I will have alot of serious components plugged into this p20 and I want to be sure everything is first rate within reason. Thanks for any help.


I’ve found significant impact impact of the power cord connecting to the regenerator (P10 in my case). my latest iteration was using the Synergistic Research Level 3 Atmosphere cable that I thought complemented the P10 very nicely. Added more air, musicality, and lower noise floor to the system.

Also, don’t forget to consider some fuse upgrades for the P20… relative to the cost of the unit, it’s a small cost for some really nice icing on the cake! I used the SR Blue Fuses, but have also heard really good stuff about the Audio Magic Beeswax from a friend who has a similar set up.

You could get a decent cord, AC12 or the like, with C13 and convert using C14-C19 adaptor.


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Thanks guys for the advice. I went ahead and purchased a 1 meter Pangea AC 9SE mk11 20 amp power cord for my P20. It should more that suffice.



The Pangea products and price points really appeal to me. So far, I have only purchased their lightning cables for my iStuff (really like their ruggedness by the way). Let us know if this cable turns out to be a great performer, if you don’t mind. Cheers.

I’m getting ready to order from: http://www.nrgcustomcables.ca
Great reviews, solid looking construction, and the owner is super responsive to emails…in fact, he is an absolute Gentleman!
He has a few 20 amp demo’s availablehttp://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649437795-nrg-custom-cables-the-1-v2-w-20-amp-iec-5-length/
http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649433300-nrg-custom-cables-the-1-v2-w-20-amp-iecs-1m-length/ and with the CAD to USD conversion, prices can’t be beat. I would explore this option way before the Pangea IMHO.
And no, I have no vested interest, other than to pass on what seems to be a good avenue to explore.


Thanks so much for the power cable company contact. His cables look like great quality and price with no BS.
I purchased the Pangea cable used form someone on another forum site for 80.00. I think it retails for 150 to $ 200 . I do like Pangea overall, have several of their PC AND Balanced XLR cables.
I know there are better cables out there, always trying to stay within a budget.
I will keep the link you gave me and possibly do business with them in the future.


Staying within budget and P20 just somehow do not go together LOL.

$80 cable? I think PS Audio has some power cables for little more than that, which might be a bit better. I personally only use Voodoo power cables. They have a new line of power cables and I’d probably start out with the Vision level for the PS powerplant. It’s an 8 gauge cord with gold plated ends and will not limit the powerplant.

Just ordered the converter. I was going to set up my P20 for 20A today and saw the horizontal blades. Crap, didn’t think that through.

Not crazy about this product. Lots of weight hanging off the end. Might need a well placed, and sized, block of wood under it all. Thanks for doing the homework!!

Glad to help. Yeah, not the most elegant solution. I’m curious to know if you find any difference in the sound or statistics when switching from 15a to 20a connection.

I presume your circuit is already 10awg or better.

It’s 12awg with a 20A breaker. All code. I pulled the circuit myself. I’d do #10s today but not going to redo it. I’ll let you know. I can’t imagine a big difference. Plus, I don’t always hear the individual changes others do.

Unless the P20 changes its internal circuit when using the 20a input, nothing will have changed.

I’ve seen claims for the veils dropping…the load on my P20 is rarely more than 31%.

If I didn’t already have a 20-amp input cable for my 2400-Watt Balanced Power Technology '3.5 balanced-power power conditioner (whew!)…

…I’d buy the best Pangea type-9* from Audio Advisor.

  • said to be actually 7-gage but miscalculated very early in its creation and simply retained as a model designation.

Just put this in today with an AC 5 cable. I taped the adaptor to the AC 5 backshell using electrical tape. It worked great and everything fit together with a nice satisfying solid connection.

The electrical load went from 31% to 19%. My two minutes of playing impression is the sound is actually a little bit better. It’ll take some time listening but I’m surprised so far.

Edit: I hear more 3D. It’s not huge but it’s noticeable. Bob Wills is just a little bigger hollering. The P20 runs cooler too. Not that it got hot before. There’s a lot of metal associated with the P20: huge amount of heat sinking.

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Has anyone tried this shunyata adapter? It’s pricey and I can’t find any review of it


@cardri recommend this one. A lot cheaper and seems to work fine. I used electrical tape to tape the head shell of the AC 5 to the adapter.


Will give it a shot, thank you!