P20 voltage output question and Power cord recommend?

Should the P20 output voltage be set to the incoming line voltage? If my voltmeter says 123volts when I measure the line feeding the P20 should I set the P20 output to 123volts for best results?
I’m currently using a Cardas Clear beyond pc with the P20. It seems to soften the sound a tad much. Any recommendations on a better cord for the P20?

there are a number of threads on Powercords for the P20 - a couple of them still running - alot of information out there in the forum already and it really depends how deep $$ you want to go …

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The output voltage should be matched to the input voltage if the devices that are hooked up to it are the same voltage as the designated voltage for that region or continent. In this case, the P20, a 120 volt unit, accepts power within a specified 120 volt range With a voltage deviation based on how stable the incoming power is. I always set the output to 120 as that is what my devices are optimized for. Of course, most if not all electrical devices have a built in voltage variance to allow for power drift due to unstable power. How much that influences the sound negatively and the associated distortion is why we have the PS series power regenerator. I don’t see why anyone would want to adjust the power higher or lower except in unusual circumstances. Set it and forget it.