P20 20a inlet

Guys, I just ordered a P20.

I have a dedicated 110v 20a circuit to my audio system. So I want to take advantage of the 20a inlet of the P20.

But I was advised by my dealer that the 20a inlet requires a 220v circuit, even for the US p20 version.

I wanted to confirm this info, because I did not find any reference to this characteristic in the user manual. Does someone have any experience with this matter?

That makes no sense.
You can’t feed “220” volts into a 120 volt P20.

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That was my first impression too. But my dealer insists, saying he was advised by PSAudio.

I also does not see the need for a 20a inlet for a 2000va rating if the input voltage is 220v. 10a would be sufficient…

I am pretty positive you have what you need with the 20A line running to the outlet now all you need is a 20A adapter for a 15A cord or a 20A cord.

Which dealer were you working with, jvvita?

If you bought a 120V P20, it will run on 120V, regardless of if you are using the 15 amp or 20 amp inlet.

A 220V circuit would blow up your P20, which is not advisable.

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I assure you I have mine connected to a 20A 120V circuit using the 20A P20 port.

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Pretty sure all you have to do is move the outlet cover to the left - plug a 20a power cord in to the back of the P20 and into a 20a\120v outlet and you’re good. No wonder why high end audio dealers are dying off. Maybe these guys are only familiar with the 20k+ items that they sell…

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Thanks for all inputs.

He is the Brazilian dealer for PS Audio. I really trust him. He has pretty good business practices, and a wonderful support.

I think this is onde of the first P20 he sells (I might be onde of the first, ir not the first P20 in Brazil), and I think he got mixed messages from PS Audio support. I will talk to him again.