P20 power input

Can anyone tell me how the circuitry of the P20 differs when selecting the 20 amp input vs the 15 amp input?
I understand that the 20 amp circuit can provide higher potential VA output, but how does this work? Is there power supply capacity not in use when the 15amp circuit is used?

I would think the 20 amp feed would have a larger fuse. I don’t see that any circuitry would be different.

My guess is that where the manual indicates higher VA capability for the 20amp, they’re talking about the potential current supplied by the 20 amp wall circuit vs 15 amp.
Just looking for confirmation as I switched from a 20amp cable to 15 amp and heard no difference.
My full load pulls only around 6 amps according to the screen.

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Thanks. Galen’s discussion confirms that there’s no difference in the P20, except the ability to properly connect to a 20amp outlet and enjoy the additional current if needed. Makes sense.
(And I’m quite sure I’ve won a beer at my pub—if my argumentative friend accepts the “if needed” point)

There is really no difference in the circuitry. What happens is when you switch to the 20 amp inlet, we change the protection parameters of the P20.

Any differences in sound quality, and there is certainly some of that, comes from using the heavier gauge (sometimes) cord feeding the Power Plant.