P20 Freezes (locks up) - no screen control or trigger control

I have a P20 that I got in June. It was working perfectly until about 3 weeks ago. Since then, the unit freezes and will not respond to screen touches, remote commands or trigger input commands. It happens about 2-3 times a week. Only a full unplug-reboot will fix it. It is running firmware v1.25 from the factory.

Any help with fixing this issue is appreciated. Thanks.

You have the latest FW so that’s good. I’m not sure what could be causing these lockups to happen. Do you usually leave the screen on or dim?

I use my BHKpre trigger to turn on outlets on the P20. When I turn on the preamp, the P20 screen cones on and the triggered outlets. When I turn the preamp off the screen goes dark.

The freezing screen can happen either lit on or off.

OK, thanks for the info. You’re one of the very first that I’ve actually heard using the trigger function on the PowerPlants. It might be worth giving our tech support guys a quick call. They’ll be around for about 3 more hours today. They’ll likely have an idea for why this is happening.

I’m using my P12 opposite from crs78. I use the trigger on my P12 to power up my M1200s. I ran a trigger wire out of the output on the P12 to the first M1200 and then daisy chained to the second one. I’ve had the P12 for a month and it’s been perfect. I know, different unit. If you’re using the BHK to trigger outlets on the P20, could that be forming some sort of loop causing the lock up? Have you tried triggering your preamp on with the P20? Just a thought. I’ll be curious to hear what the solution is.