P20 freezing up again?

Installed the new firmware 1.05 thought the issue of freezing up was over but it has started again after 2 weeks.
It doesn’t affect the output of the p20 ,but it doesn’t respond via front screen or remote,the unit has to be shutdown to get it to work properly again.
I’m a little stressed over this issue since I’ve been dealing with it from the 1st week I purchased it new.
Mike M.

This happened to me yesterday.
A friend’s P20 has 1.06 fprmware.
I would try it but it is not available on the download page.

I have firmware 1.06 installed on my two P20. They freeze up often.

It does not affect normal function, only when I want to check the readout or alter the setting that they don’t respond.

I find sometimes when I switch off all connected equipment, ie no load on P20, they unfreeze themselves. Very odd.

You can try to see if this works on your P20.

My P20 is from march 2018 and it functioned well until about 2 weeks ago, when my remote did not work.
I had to start it again and for a few days the remote control worked well. But after that it was again frozen, the remote did not function, the display, which is a touchscreen, is no more working, the blue button is no more working. Only the big switch on the rearside::grin:.
I do also have firmware 1.05, the old firmware which was on the P20 after delivery is not on the website.
Paul, what can be the problem? The functionality of the device is limited after the freesing!

The engineering team is working on the problem. It’s very hard to reproduce because only a very few have this problem. When we find the fix we’ll let everyone know. Fortunately, it is not a hardware problem so a software update will fix it.

Thanks Paul
I’ve never seen such a high level of customer service in my 40 years I’ve been involved in this hobby.
Anybody reading this and considering buying a P20 I myself would not let this discourage you from buying one it’s an amazing product.
Mike M

Thanks. We’re on it and the problem will be addressed through software shortly.

Great…but don’t let it interfere too much with the DMP software revision. It sounds like the software team has a lot on its plate.

Thanks Paul, for your quick answer! As always at PsAudio, problem will be soon solved. Thanks a lot for the service.

Fortunately we have multiple assets (known as people). Tyera and Matt are hard at work on the freezing issue (and think they have it solved) while Barry is grinding away solely on DMP.

Just would like to let you know that it occurs with my new P20 too. This is the third time time it freezes in 2 weeks. And I depend it on the screen to turn on my power amp. And I have to turn it off and restart. I have not seen such a problem in my 10 + years of using Powerplant including the past 5 years of using P10. Hope to get a fix as soon as possible. Thanks.

The issue is in the display code. P20s and P15s use a new high resolution 7” screen with capacitive touch rather than the older resistive touch. A much better screen and one we’re slowly shifting the company over to. Something in the code is causing the freezing. They believe they have figured out the problem, a mix match in the I2C bus that collides on occasion. They are testing a fix over the weekend to see if it stops it completely. We should have something for you shortly. It’ll be fixed with a simple code update we’ll supply to all P20 and P15 owners you can use from the SD card slot in the back and then it’ll be trouble free.

So this is why the new screens are more responsive. Nice. :slight_smile:

Yes. The resistive touch screens were about all we had access to in the “early days” of on-pnel screens. With devices like the iPhone and others leading the way capacity touch screens became more the norm and their pricing came down to a point where mere mortal companies could afford to use them. But their electronics are far different than those of a resistive touch. The problem with the resistive touch screens is you needed to mash the screen a little so the system could determine your XY position. They weren’t very responsive. The capacitance touch screen use something called PCAP which stands for Projected Capacitance touch screens (though I’ve forgotten what the AP on the end stands for. Here’s an interesting article of how they work. http://www.sky-technology.eu/en/displays/touch-screens/projected-capacitive-touch-screens-how-they-work.html

I have a bad feeling that the freeze up is caused by the new touch screen shorting its input, i.e. the screen is too sensitive and “thinks” it is being touched all the time. It happens after it is turned on for some time.

My two P20’s only freeze occasionally to begin with. Now after two months, they freeze all the time. After restarting, they are normal for a day or so before freezing again!

It seems to me it is going to be very expensive recall and replace screen exercise coming up from PS Audio.

I hope I am wrong.

Paul has said it will be a software fix. How will that require a product recall? Owners can do their own software update when the new code is ready.

It is a software fix and it is not a hardware problem. That’s for sure. Thomas, would you be willing to help us test some firmware?

Sure, I am willing to test new firmware for you.

Thomas, did you get the opportunity to test the new firmware?

Yes, the engineer from PS Audio had sent me two firmware to try. The first one was not working well. The second one, version 1.15, was installed in my two P20’s now for one week. There is no freeze. Everything is doing well. It seems they have finally solved the problem. It is kind of related to the touch screen. I appreciate the way they handle the issue and work with their users to rectify the problem.