P20 Screen turns off by itself

I have two P20 power conditioners powering my hifi, both are working fine except the screen on one of them goes black after a few seconds after it’s switched on and lights up again when I touch it.

I wouldn’t mind it if both of them did this, but it’s making my hifi look uneven!

Pressing the DIM button on the remote causes the display to do this. The display can only contribute to potential system noise and I prefer all of them to be ‘off’/dim.

Where did this strange user name I have been given come from? I haven’t been here for 7 years and I’ve been given a French sounding name. Sacre bleu!

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Thanks Brett. I haven’t seen my PS Audio remote for years, never used it. Funnily enough, my TV remote interferes with the P20s, turning them off when I mute the TV. It must be responsible. Any idea how to switch the other one so it’s the same, without using a remote?

Re: username, something crazy occurred a few years ago during a forum software migration.

Looping in @elk to resolve. He can fix your name or just leave it and be French Canadian.

Scratch that. I found the remote and it’s all good now. Thanks!

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I don’t, I think you need the remote. Perhaps @jamesh can chime in.

I only have a lowly P10.

All of these PS Audio regenerators are brilliant. I have a bunch of Linn Solo amplifiers which use a lot of power, so I needed two P20s to run them. Thanks for your help. Au revoir.

They are brilliant machines! Glad the remote worked.

Companies are doing ever more in depth consumer research now. Have you traced your ancestry? Maybe you’re really French.

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The P20s are the best value upgrade I ever made to my hifi. I was very skeptical about power regeneration until I tried them out. The improvement they made to my Linn amplifiers alone is astonishing.

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I’m Australian and my parents are American and British. I’m a bit of a mongrel, but I don’t think there’s any French in there.

Well, that blows that theory.
I’m sure @Elk can help you with your user name.

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Can I dim the screen on my DirectStream DAC as well? It seems to be unaffected by the P20 remote, and the DSD remote isn’t in my pile of remotes.

yes, same but I believe the remote is the only way to do it.

The P20 has it’s own dedicated remote. It does not respond to the remote for other PS Audio components.

You can dim the DS as well but you have to use its remote. The PowerPlants and other pieces don’t share too much as far as the remotes go.

Please let me know what you would like as your user name and I will change it for you.