P20 - the best way to turn it off

May I have a best way to shut down the p20 after each audition , should I press the top left little button at the front to keep the unit stand by or use the on/off button at the back ?

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You can do whatever you would like. :slight_smile:

I would leave the back switch on, and use the little left front button to turn the unit off (or the remote).

The PowerPlants are designed to remain on so you are not hurting your P20 at all if you decide to leave it on.

Currently, I am leaving all of the outlets on my P20 active and using the on/off switches of connected equipment. In the past, I have programmed some of the outlets to stay on while programming others to turn on/off with the top left button. Both work great.

I suggest reviewing the manual and setting up the PowerPlant to meet your needs and preferences.

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Thanks for your nice suggestion much appreciated

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I’d recommend leaving it on all of the time. Unless you have a specific reason for needing to turn it off, it is designed to be left on and ready to go anytime you power up the system.

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Does it run hot?

With a power draw of 500W, my P20 is currently 85F/30C.

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It greatly depends on the power draw. My P15 is normally sitting around 330W and it’s barely warm to the touch.

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The best way to turn your P20 off is to NOT turn your P20 off.
Except for servicing my system, my P20 has been on for years. I just dim the screen.
Nearly no heat, no problems.

Almost can’t feel any heat from it

System in standby, P15 would stay at about 35C/95F with all things connected. If I operate the system at ordinary listening levels, things go to 43C/109F.

Hm that’s hot when the system is running. Combined with the BHK250 that is a lot of heat being thrown out

I have it well spaced on all sides. Ambient temperature is about 22C /71F Sound quality is very good.

This is gently warm, far from hot.

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I’d naturally expect a device to warm up by 15 to 20 degrees celsius above room ambient temp. The P15 was designed to operate at 0 - 40 celsius.

Not sure why you have that expectation

Sorry but 43 deg C is radiator hot. I already have two of those in my listening room

I do not think of anything I can leave my hand on indefinitely in perfect comfort as hot.

But if you find this hot, it’s hot for you. :hot_face:

Back when there was only slide rules and marbleized notebooks, I was a process engineer. We would insulate pipes 'n things that exceeded 120F. (48.9C)

The tongue has the highest endurance to heat in the human body. We can sip tea upto 60 celsius :face_with_thermometer: However it is too hot to the touch. Our nervous system starts to get in trouble above 42 (internal body temp). But the power plant would happily feed my gear at 42C

For safety? Efficiency?