Power Plant P15 outlets in "Always On" mode

Hello, I wonder if it’s any meaning/good in some way to press the “Power Off” button on the remote to turn off the Power Plant P15 if you have turned all the outlets on it to be in the “Always On” mode and if you had also turned off the display on the P15 so that it don’t shine so you don’t “burn it down” like you do with a lamp?

I wonder if I could turn it on and then leave it on and sometimes use the display to see some things before I turn off the display again.
Another thing about the display, could you “over use it” so that it will break down faster?
I have my display on my P15 turned off almost always but I’m curious anyway.

Yes, I can ask another thing also about my P15 also.
I wonder if Class A/B or Class D-amplifiers have most use for a P15 to get a really clean and nice power.
Which one of Class D (as I have) or Class A/B power amplifiers that are most sensitive when it comes to how clean power they get?

I believe its best to leave the Power Plants always powered on, my P15 is powered 24/7 with the display off.
Powering up probably does more wear than being powered on.

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Pressing dim to turn off the display or pressing the power button but with “Always On” is essentially the same thing. The latest displays we’re using in the P15 and P20 are a lot better quality and will take a long time before there is any kind of screen “burn-in.” I’m like you though and feel a lot better just turning them off. I’m the kind of person who only has one light on at a time in my house (the room I’m in).

This is an interesting one. We’ve done a lot of testing and received a lot of feedback from customers and it seems to be all across the board. Both A/B and D can benefit a lot!
Now I could be completely wrong, but without knowing, I’d expect class A/B or something with a linear PS to be more sensitive. Depending on the design, this kind of circuit can be more sensitive to the quality of incoming power. Probably not necessarily right, but just would make sense to me.

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