P20 turning off all outlets

Yesterday, my P20 suddenly turned off the outlets.
I have two class A amps, a continuous load of about 60%, but this never happened in almost a year that I have the P20.
I was playing music a bit louder than usual, but not super loud.
The P20 was not responding any more, I had to power cycle twice, and when it came back on, the settings were different for the multiwave and the outlets.
I just tried some really loud music now, and the power never went above 1000 W.
So I am surprised and a bit concerned.
@jamesh, @Paul, what do you think ?

15 or 20 amp circuit?

20A, European version

Shouldn’t be a concern. Based off this information, it sounds like the P20 went into protection mode. Hard to say without actually seeing the load % at the time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what happened. I am confident in saying that you didn’t hurt anything. The P20 did its job protecting itself and shutting down. Only concern I would have is if this starts becoming a usual thing. Keep an eye on it, and continue to enjoy the music. :slight_smile:


Thank you @jamesh, that’s reassuring.
Maybe Windom made me push the level a bit too much, especially on @Paul ‘s killer bass Black Lotus track …
Great and fast customer service, as always at PS Audio :+1:

Black Lotus :flushed: Yes, that’s a bass heavy track to say lightly

Out of curiosity (I am an engineer): what triggers the protection mode?
I presume a power demand above capacity will do it, but is it monitoring internal temperature, for example ?
My P20 gets fairly warm after a few hours at 60% continuous capacity from the class A amps.

I have a second question: after some time at 60% capacity, in multiwave 6, the output voltage decreases to 229.5V, whereas when I don’t play music, with the amps in class A/B, capacity utilization is around 15%, in sine mode, and voltage reverts to 230V or slightly less, which the target in the settings.
Why is that ?

It’s a two part solution in there. There is code that will detect if there is too much current being pulled from it. Like you mentioned, there is also temp monitoring that prevent the unit from getting too hot as well.

As the demands for the P20 increase, it’s ability to sustain a consistent 230V signal gets harder. 1/2 of a volt is almost negligible. This can often times be a good segue into possibly looking at getting a second regenerator for the system. As Paul and team have discussed many times, overhead for your system is always a good thing. Just like all amps, the first few watts are always the best.

hey @jamesh, while we wait for the powerplay servers to be back online, is there any way we can extract the telemetry from the P20, enabling local storage? It would surely help to track down these surges that triggers protection mode.

Thank you @jamesh.
With 60% utilization of my P20, would you advise a second one ?
It is a big additional expense …

60% is on the low side of things, and if a system is idling there, I usually wouldn’t bat an eye. However, because you have reached the protection limit, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Ok thank you.