P20 spontaneous power drop outs

I recently picked up a P20 (Australian 240V model) and have had two disturbing incidents I couldn’t explain. The first time power was just dropped to all my components and all the power outlet icons turned red. I wasn’t touching anything at the time and was out of the room so not sure what the sequence was and just figured it was a hiccup related to me experimenting with lowering voltage to 220 that day. The second happened at the standard 230V setting and all power was lost to all devices again, but this time all the icons showed as green but absolutely nothing was getting power and the load showed 0. I tried toggling the icons on and off again but no power returned. I power cycled the device with the switch at the back and everything returned to normal. My regular output is a continuous 900W and doesn’t vary so it was not heavily loaded at the time. I’m on firmware 1.25. This sounds like a firmware bug, but I’m worried something more sinister is going on. Suggestions?

Here it is again showing power to all outlets but they’re all dead. It’s done it twice today.

Those “faces” on the pictograph of the duplex outlets look really sad and tired, indeed ! :laughing:


Did you buy the unit new or used?

I suggest contacting PS Audio directly and/or the distributor.

Used unfortunately. I’m investigating if there’s any warranty left on it, and a bit worried the person who sold it may have sold if for this reason, but we’ll see if he gets back to me on that.

This is what I suspected. :frowning:

The warranty transfers to you as the new owner. Contact PS Audio service and find out what they can do for you.

Is it possible your house received an over or under voltage, or does it seem like it came out of now where? It’s highly likely you still have some warranty left on it. If you PM me the serial number, I can let you know whether or not there is any warranty left on it.

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Has the P20 been out for 3 years yet?

Not quite. If I’m not mistaken, some of the first P20s were made in Jan of 2018.

I didn’t see any misbehaviour with power at the time, and I’ve counted 4 separate “unusual” events so far from the device. Unit ID is 156993 (don’t see a problem posting it publicly.) Thanks!

OK, just looked it up and there is indeed some warranty left on it which is nice. Do you know what load percentage you’re at while the system is on?

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A constant 45%

So it definitely isn’t the load being too high. Is there any pattern or consistency to it at all?

None that I can see. Amps are class A so load doesn’t fluctuate at all. Wall power is usually between 230 and 240V, with distortion usually around 3.5% - the input waveform looks like a clipped sawtooth though instead of a sine wave. However that’s constant. It has its own line from the switchbox so nothing else is on that line to cause spikes or anything and no other devices anywhere in my house show any unusual behaviour.

That all seems good. Is there any way you can unplug everything and just plug in something like a clock that will let you know whether or not power dropped off?

Do you mean if power drops off from the P20 output? One of the outlets I have as permanent power on it going to my PC equipment so I know that dropped off. One thing that hasn’t happened is the output to that dropping off when there’s no significant load as the PC equipment amounts to less than 1% load.

No, whether or not the P20 cuts off power to the back. I’m curious if the P20 cuts off power to the back with no or minimal load.

Ah that’s what I’m saying. I have one set of outlets set to permanent power output that has minimal load, and that’s never been cut off as far as I’ve seen unless I’ve turned on the rest.

Sorry for the confusion. In your original post, you mentioned all of the outlets had turned red which would make me think that all of the power had cut off. I’m going to send you a quick email.

I also have one other variable that is problematic at the moment - we’re in strict lockdown for at least another month and going out to get this serviced is not allowed. We’re only allowed out for essential services :frowning: