P20 protection mode

Guys, recently I upgraded to Audio Research ref6 preamp, paired with my audio research 160m. Sometimes (not always), when I turn in the preamp (the amps also turn on by the trigger), the P20 shuts off all outputs.

Since this does not occur every time, and music plays normal, I’d like to know it there’s anything I can do.

The P20 is already on 20am the amps are in high current output, and the preamp is on a separate one.

My understanding is that for the high current outlets to do their job, you have to leave your amp’s power switch always in the on position.
You then power and un power that amp using the power switch on the P20.

I asked Paul about this recently.
How does the P20 distinguish the difference between an in rush current at turn on and huge musically triggered demand from the power amp?

CEO PS Audio
Because the in rush only takes place on turn on if you’re using the Power Plant to turn on your unit.”

When i installed REV 1.23, I started having the same issue. Turning on my ASR Emitter ii to “full power mode” would cause the P20 to shut down because the display would show close to 2000 watts and hold steady for about 4-5 seconds before the P20 would shut down. I upgraded to REV 1.25 three days ago and the P20 hasn’t shut down so far. I had never experienced this behavior until i installed 1.23. Check what version you are running and see if you can obtain the same results by upgrading to REV 1.25.

The Power Plant distinguishes the two events through the use of NTC thermisters to limit inrush current. When cold, an NTC thermistor exhibits significant resistance, limiting current. As it warms its resistance decreases. Thus, current limiting is active only upon initial power-up.

Congrats! AR ref6 is :ok_hand: top notch, paired mine with AR 75SE to ML Spire, all fed by a P10

Thanks. Right now I am on 1.23. only have a 64GB sdcard on hand. Windows refuses to format it fat32. Should I make a smaller partition of 4gb, leaving the rest of the disk unallocated, will the P20 recognize the disk?

You can try using FAT32 Format.

Also, the card need to be no bigger than 32gb. You should have received one with the unit. I believe it’s a 4gb card.

Found the original card. Updated. Still happening. Implemented the following workaround:

a) configured all zones to always on, except the high current ones
b) configured high current to programmed, and set 10s delay to power on
c) connected the trigger from the preamp (ref6) to the trigger in of the P20
d) connected the trigger out of the P20 to the amps.

This away, the pre goes live, turns on the P20. 10s later, the amps go live. So far so good.

Do any of you see any downside in disconnecting the power (the outlet) of the amps everytime I turn off the system?

Yes, you will wear down the plugs and receptacles and eventually you will not get a good connection.

This sounds great, and I don’t see anything wrong with this at all.

Thanks. Still struggling with the remote. After the unit sits on its own for a while, I cannot control it with the remote. It’s been happening since the update to 1.23. Any ideas?

Not at this moment. What does it take for it to start working again? I’m sending a message to our engineering team to see if they are aware of what could be going on.

I have to touch the screen. It is like I have to take it out from rest/sleep. Then it will work for some time. And it will stop again after it remains undisturbed.

Likely it doesn’t like to be all by himself. It must get lonely…

Ha, well if he’s getting lonely, maybe it’s time for a second one :grin: Thanks a bunch for the info! Do you mind reaching out to our tech support team. service@psaudio.com They will work with engineering to come up with a fix for you.

@jamesh you have been a wonderful asset for the forum in many threads.

Thank you!

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Here, here! I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks, James.

We all agree. Great guy, and great sense of humor.

As for the second P20, I need a bigger rack first…