P12 - voltage output settings. Ok to change?

Hi everyone

Just playing around with my p12 and was wondering if the output voltage is okay to change? And if yes, is it okay to use whilst operating / feeding my components power?

It’s sitting at 230v where my input voltage is down as low as 210v.

Thinking it might be interesting to see how adjusting it down a little might change the sound.

Keen to hear any views / findings people have on this issue.


If anything I’d change it up. 220v is the low end of the scale and 240 being the top.

I’d go from 225v to 238v and nothing over/under that

Now I need to test mine. But from a Oz power thing, 225/238v is what I’d stay within.

I sent you my settings so now I need to test mine

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Thanks mate.

Is it okay to change it while listening to music or is it something you need to do while it’s not outputting power to devices?

Oh, and my output voltage is set to 230v and yet it’s showing 228.3v


I’ve changed mine while active

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Great. That’s handy to know.

Did you notice any meaningful change to the sound? Assume it’ll be darker at lower voltage?

Yes, that’s what the adjustment is for. Play away.

Thanks @Paul

How far can I take it up and down? Do you have any advice on the likely effect?

The reason I ask while I acknowledge the p12 is still running in but it’s introduced a slight edge in my system I want to soften.

Personally I would wait 2-3 weeks before changing anything as it can take the P12 that long to burn in. Changing things now would mean you’d be unsure why any changes in SQ occurred.

I would let the P12 have at least a few weeks of burn in before making big adjustments - it’s kind of bright for the first bit of time. But, in the meantime, if you want to play, you can take the voltage up and down in real time and see what you think. Most source and control gear could care less of the incoming voltage. Amps, on the other hand, will likely sound a bit different - and sometimes more volts isn’t always sounding good.

Play around. The limits to volts are built in to the P12.

Once you give this guy a few more weeks in the system, I’ll be curious what you think. Though you’ll probably want to make changes now because it’s fun, I agree with nyc in waiting a few weeks before adjusting anything too much. Too many independent variables is going to give you confusing results.