P3 Amp advice

Hi all.

I am looking at getting a p3 to provide some clean power to my system. I have had a p10 in the past and really regret selling it. I don’t have the funds for a p12 at the moment so am looking at a p3. I currently use an AudioQuest Niagara 1000 with the amp plugged direct to the wall.

My system.

Brinkmann bardo tt
Alnic 1200 phono amp
Vitus ri-101 integrated amp and streamer (300 watt/channel)
Avalon idea speakers

I am looking at adding a sepeate dac as well. Either Brinkmann Nyquist or chord DAVE

So my question is can I use my amp in the regenerative setting or will I need to use the filtered bypass option?

I have a smallish room and never get spl I’ve 80db (about 76 usually) volume on the Vitus is -30 to -20 depending on source.

Also what is the worse that will happen if I overload the P3 by plugging in the amps. Will I blow a fuse or will it just sound flat.

Thanks everyone for the help

It will shut down.

P3 should be able to handle it - according to specs, amp idles at 80W.

Try both settings and see which works the best for you. You might want to try some loud passages and music that has a sudden range change to verify that it will handle it and more importantly, that it sounds right. If sound lifeless then that will be a giveaway.