P3 does its job!

I usually keep all my components turned on unless I’m going to be away for several days or longer, or if I know a storm is coming through. The other evening I left everything on when I finished some listening, and went to bed. On rising the next morning, I found all the gear shut down and the output LED on the P3 flashing green and red, which according to the manual is an indication that my line voltage was too high.

I don’t know what caused it, and I don’t know what degree of real danger that voltage peak might have put my gear in, but I was very happy to see the P3 had shut everything down. Its own standby button was unresponsive, so I shut it off at the back panel switch, left for work, and when I came home that afternoon I flipped the switch back on. Everything powered up fine, and sounded glorious.

My thanks to the team!


That can happen when there’s a hiccup in the power, like mine did last week during a thunderstorm…power goes out then pops back on often with a spike in voltage. My P3 was okay with the first hiccup, but the second one a minute later caused it to shutdown and do it’s green/red light show.

I had a similar experience recently with my P3 too.