P3 Standby Confused Question

The P3 arrived and got set up today. Something I overlooked when reading up on these things is standby turns off all the outlets. It makes sense in hind sight but it runs contrary to the recommendation to leave all component main power switches on to keep them warmed up.
The biggest downside in my application is powering down the BlueSound Vault. I run the internal DAC output to a desktop system so it needs to stay powered up. A lesser but still annoying issue is the GCD turns on when power is applied instead of powering up to standby.
How do others handle this? Do you shut everything down every time you put the PP in standby? Leave the PP on all the time?

I’ve left my P3 turned on 24/7 since I bought it, no issues whatsoever. Unless one is concerned about the minimal electricity consumption I can’t think of any reason to turn it off as on/off temperature cycling is probably just as liable to induce wear as leaving it on all the time. If leaving home for more than a day I turn it off though.

Thanks. Comparing before and after, the P3 consumption in my system (GCD, M1200, Vault 2i) is about 25-30W.