Stellar Power Pant P3 Fuse Blown

Wondering if anyone else has blown the fuse on their P3 just by turning it on. I’ve had my P3 for about a year and never had a previous issue with it. It is installed ahead of my headphone setup with the following plugged into it: Headamp Blue Hawaii SE; Pass HPA-1; DirectStream DAC. During thunderstorms I always unplug all components from the wall outlets (porter ports). I’ve done this many times over the past year, probably on the order of 30 times or so. But last week after my standard procedure of first powering off all components, pressing the blue power button on the left side of P3, turning off power toggle switch on back of P3 and then unpluging from the wall outlet, a new issue occured. After the storm passed I reversed the procedure by plugging the P3 into the wall outlet and then with all components still plugged in but NOT powered up, I flipped the P3 power toggle switch to on. But rather than flashing the blue front power light and then coming on with the green light subsequently also coming on, the unit went dead immediatelly after the blue power light’s initial flash. I pulled the original PS Audio-supplied fuse and tested continuity and sure enough it was blown (can’t tell by looking at it because it is a ceramic fuse). So I ordered some replacement T2AH250v fuses from Amazon and popped one in two days later. My P3 powered on normally and has been operating without issue for the past week.

I sent PS Audio an online contact regarding this and asked them what could have caused this but have not yet gotton a reply. So I am seeking any input from others who use a P3 and may have had a similar occurance. Thanks.

I have had fuses blow for no apparent reason. Once replaced, they are fine for years. Perhaps they slowly age and are weakened by micro-surges.

If everything remains fine I would give it no further thought.


Gonna just echo what Elk said, sometimes a fuse just blows. I have literally driven myself nuts trying to find out what the cause was, what I did differently, and anything I might have missed only to come up with no reason and no sequelae with replacement.

Inrush current. If all of your connected devices’ switches are in the on position when you turn the P3 on, it can happen. Personally I never switch it off unless I am changing cables or something. But if you do, it is best to power devices down first.

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Elk/aiki14 - Thanks for the what I suppose is the real answer to my question. May never happen again so will just enjoy the P3 in my system. But now I am a bit gunshy about ever trying a premium ($$$) fuse in the unit. Might not make a difference anyway.

badbeef - Agree with all you said but would add lightning in area as another reason. About 25 years ago I was looking out my dining room window during a summer thunderstorm and watched in horror as the top of a neighbors brick chimney exploded from a lightning strike hurling brick in all directions. Lesson learned and never forgotten.

That’s why I ALWAYS power down all attached components before shutting down/turning on the P3. Nothing was on when I powered the P3 back up and the fuse blew so no in-rush current present. As said, just basically bad luck with faulty or out of spec fuse I guess.

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Same thing you described happened with my P3. Only difference was that it was immediately after being shipped to me. PS Audio kindly sent a new fuse, and I have not had an issue since. Accidents happen — hopefully rarely. I wouldn’t hesitate to get a better fuse. Can’t worry too much about the “what ifs.”

My Stellar P3 also blew a fuse about 2 weeks after I got it for no apparent reason. Ps Audio is sending me 2 fuses - no charge! Thanks PS AUDIO!