P3 or P5?


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I’m considering buying a Power Plant (to be honest, I’ve already decided to do so), but I’m not sure which one to choose, the P3 or P5. My setup consists of a NuWave DAC and an Ayre AX-7e integrated amp (driving a pair of NEAT Acoustics Ultimatum MFS), so it doesn’t use that much power. Are there any sonic benefits of choosing the P5 over the P3?

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The P5 is superior sounding to the P3 by a little bit. It is also more powerful, but you already knew that. Each Power Plant, as we step up the ladder, sounds better than the lower model because of the increase in power supply of each model. But the differences aren’t huge - they’re obvious - but not huge.


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Having owned the whole set (P3, P5, P10), P3 is my preferred piece. It has the filtered-only HC outlets which the others do not, meaning it can power any size load that you don’t need regenerated power for. Plus P3 seems to be more robust than its bigger brothers. I haven’t broken a P3 yet (mine has been very reliable), but I have broken three P5 and a P10 (all repaired under warranty). Sonically I can’t differentiate any of them apart.


Thanks, brodricj - very interesting.


I’ve had a quick look through about 10 pages of topics in this forum section and I don’t think there was a single owner reporting any issues with a P3. Quite a few issue reports with PPP/P5/P10 (which admittedly have way many times more operating hours in the field than P3), but the point is, which exactly reflects my own experience, the P3 is the toughest power regenerator unit they’ve ever built. Which again is why it’s my preferred piece.