Powerplant P3 or P5?

Hello everybody, I’m considering buying a power supply “regenerator” powerplant.

Are undecided between P3 and P5, the characteristics appear similar, apart from the aesthetic and the power connectable.

My sound system does not require great powers, I only have 1 final (28 exposure), 1 pre (exposure 23), PWD DAC and headphone amp GHGC.

Differences in terms of audio performance between P3 and P5?

I am undecided seen the difference of € 1,000 between the 2 devices.

Thank you,

Marcello, the differences between the two, sonically, are not big and in this case I would recommend the P3.

thanks Paul!

Tomorrow I order a P3, I was informed that in Italy is imported only in black finish, while I have all the equipment silver.

This is a subtlety anyway!

I connected to my P3 system: the result is spectacular! The music is clean and clear now! Congratulations Ps Audio!

I also noticed that the PWD in stand-by mode consumes less than 23 w! On or off does not change: how is it possible?


This is due to the fact that the front panel ‘power’ button does not switch the power but only turns the display off and mutes the output. To fully power off the unit you need to use the switch in the back by the power cord, or unplug the unit. PS Audio decided that the power is low enough that it is better to keep the circuits warm and ready to produce their best than to have to wait for the unit to warm up every time a listening session is started. Also, the stress of power cycling and heat cycling is far more damaging to most electronic products than just keeping the power on all the time.


Thank you, very clear answer!

Maintain in stand-by the P3 instead as it affects consumption in watts?